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August 4, 2015

Cycle 2 of Medical School

This is it.
It’s that time of the year.
All of the white coat ceremonies and pictures of first days of medical school are flooding my stream.
I can only imagine how my husband feels about it.

 \We did not make it into a med school program this year.

Jake’s applications are about to be finished, as soon as the Army can get his transcripts to the application host. We were told 7-10 business days on Friday.
Then we will be starting application cycle 2. 

We have broadened our scope of Osteopathic schools for this cycle.

Currently, in no particular order, we are looking at:
            • UP-KYCOM – Pikeville, Kentucky
            • OU-HCOM – Athens, OH and Dublin, OH
            • NOVA – Fort Lauderdale, FL
            • KCUMB-COM – Kansas City, MO
            • ATSU-KCOM – Kirksville, MO
            • LECOM – Erie, PA
            • PCOM – Philadelphia, PA
            • MSUCOM – East Lansing, MI

Due to Jake having been on the wait list for LECOM for his first cycle, we are of the opinion that there is an even greater chance that he will be accepted to their program this year. Understandably Jake wants to apply to all of the schools that he is interested in and get to choose his favorite program from those that he is accepted into.

With only one of those options being in the Columbus area, you can imagine that I am gearing up, mentally, to leave the city, if not the state.
It’s a stressful time.
We are looking at having second applications turned in and starting interviews, if we receive any, starting September or October.
I am hoping that we will know where our future will take us by Christmas.

It’s been a long road with lots of prayers and planning and I’m sure that there will continue to be more as this cycle draws to a close.

It’s scary.
It’s exciting.
It’s happening.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Have you looked at VCOM in Blacksburg, VA?
Good luck with the process. It has to be so stressful for both of you.