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June 8, 2015

Red Carpet: The 2015 Tony Awards

The Tony Awards.
The often overlooked by everyone else, but theatre lovers.
Ironic that movies and tv started with the stage.

Anyway... A big shout out to Fun House, which won Best Musical, Helen Mirren who won best actress in a Play, Kelli O'Hara who won best actress in a musical.

And now, the red carpet.

The Wonderful

The Interesting

The Men

I do realize that I am biased about some of the wonderful's because I love the actresses so much... But can you blame me?!

Also, many of the interesting's are either pattern or shape... Not necessarily the whole thing.

And only Alan Cummings can get away with suit shorts.

p.s. What in the world was Monica Lewinski doing there?

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