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March 3, 2015

Jaxon is 10 months!!!!

Every month seems like a crazy development and progress.

Jaxon has decided that sleep is for the birds. He is such a restless sleeper that he is up constantly during the night.
He will either bump his head on the side of his crib or reach for me and wake up screaming because it startles him.
He isn’t much better in bed, I just get more sleep when he is in with us.
We try to start every night in the crib, but he is generally up and in bed with us by 1am, at the latest.

Jaxon now has 6.5 teeth.
He has had the bottom 3 for a while now, but the front 4 have started to appear.
The right 2 are in and making their decent.
The left 2 are starting to rear their ugly heads.
I’m talking fever, diaper rash, grumpy days and sleepless nights…. Wait a second!

Jaxon is now cruising the furniture. He is constantly pulling himself up and toddling over to anyone or anything within reach.
He tried to take his first step, from the coffee table to me on the couch, on Sunday.
I was tempted to gently knock him over, but he fell before anything got too serious.
I kid.
Only just a little.

Table food is all we are doing now.
Baby lead weaning truly worked out great for us!
Thank goodness SIL caught on that he was more than interested in other people’s food.
He isn’t a great eater, but it’s definitely better with table food than baby food.
Squeeze pouches included.

His favorite work, other than Mama and Dada is uh-oh!
It is the cutest thing in the world.
Of course he never uses in the right context.
But it's cute, none the less.
He also says Bubble... Kinda.
It's more like Baba.

Jaxon is getting too big. 
Time is passing too fast!

How in the world am I supposed to keep up?!

His favorite toy is his Johnny Jumper and little farm walker.
I love to hear him laugh as he pushes that thing around the room.
He is so proud of himself when he does it, too.

Dear Lord,
Please let him continue to be such a joy.
Help me to find the beautiful and precious moments, and cherish them.
Help him to remain as secure and sure of his parents as he is now.

And help him to like his car seat better.

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Kacie said...

I love reading about his development! He is such a cute little guy, it's exciting to see what's coming next even if it's going too fast for you :)