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October 28, 2014

You are the Light of the World!

{HAC's 2014 cast of Godspell!}

This fall I have been keeping busy. I auditioned and got a part in Godspell. It was so much fun to be in a small, off season cast again. I have loved the music since I was little and have seen Godspell live more often than any other show. I  jumped at the opportunity to play with friends on stage while presenting the gospel of Matthew.

I was blessed with an awesome and understanding cast who didn’t mind when I had Jaxon in tow.
It helped that Jaxon was content to just hang out on his play mat while mommy danced and sang like a fool.
{Jaxon and I in our chorus rehearsal. He loved looking at my book!}

It was an amazing experience and while I may have been busy every single night, it was very rewarding to be on stage so soon.
 I adore my cast mates and loved performing with new, and not so new, friends!

I don’t know if I can just pass on being involved in stage performances that I am passionate about, if my schedule allows for it.

Performing is my therapy.