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August 6, 2014

Cloth Diapering: The Hang-Ups

Jaxon was in disposable diapers for his first months and a week here and there when we have been bad about laundry. 
Because of this I feel that I have a pretty good grasp of things in the diaper world. 

My reason for cloth diapering is completely financial and visual.
When Jaxon was in sposies we were going through about a pack every 3 days.
And with a single pack of diapers costing $9-12... It adds up quickly.

I am able to get diapers from online co-ops for $3-5 a piece.
I have never paid more than $10 for a diaper.
And these are diapers that I will be able to use repeatedly for more than one kid.

My complaints are as followed.

Too much cute!
That's right. These diapers are too cute. 
It is very hard to stop myself from getting more and more.
I do, otherwise what would be the point... But it's hard.

Another thing, there are diaper clicks.
It's funny to hear about a group of people only using one type of cloth diaper and bashing all others.
Now that I have tried pocket diapers, I want to try all the other types of cloth to see if anything is easier.

The Hype of new patterns is pretty crazy too.
I mean BumGenius announced a new print and the cloth diapering world seemed to go absolutely insane.

Onsies wicking away moisture.
Yeah, I put on a onsie, and within an hour, sometimes less, the leg creases are wet.
It's annoying.

Fluff butt makes kids go up almost a whole size.
I am having to buy the next size up in pants and onsies in order for them to fit over his diaper.
It makes me a little sad to be buying bigger than he is, but that is more of a denial thing.

Laundry trial and error.
I hate that it takes so long to find what works perfectly for you... And sometimes if you deviate from that, even just a little, your diapers may turn out completely different.
It has taken me a month of messing with things to get my diaper load to the size that makes enough agitation to really get things clean, without stains of any kind.
I do a rinse, then add 2-3 towels into the power-kill-everything wash.

I don't like that people sometimes share that they think that cloth diapering is gross. That it causes rashes and stink.
It's poop we are talking about here!
I'm sorry, have you ever smelled a disposable? What about a trashcan full of random disposables?
All poop smells!

Also, what do you do with clothes that get peed on by pets?
What do you do when your kid's diaper leaks or you have a poop explosion?
Do you throw the items away?
Not usually.
You wash them with lots of detergent.
That's exactly what I do to my kids diapers.

So there you go.
Cloth diapering isn't all rainbows, unicorns and starry skies.

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