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July 28, 2014

The 411 on Types of Cloth Diapers

I am a cloth diapering momma!!!

And I’m not talking about your momma’s cloth diapers.  As you can see, like everything else, cloth diapering has changed over the past 10-15 years.

There are many different types of cloth diapers, believe it or not! And many times a company will make more than one type of diaper. 

I have linked just a few examples. 
There are many, many, many more.

Flats – This is the single layer of cotton that you think of when you first hear cloth diaper. You generally fasten it with diaper pins or snappi's. A diaper cover in plastic or PUL is worn over top of the diaper to prevent leaks.

Prefolds – Similar to flats, but with an overlap of fabric in the middle. A lot of people now think they are burp cloths, and they can be used as such. A diaper cover must be worn and snappi's or pins can used. Special folding techniques can be used so that the cover holds the prefold in place rather than pins and such.

Fitted – looks like a disposable diaper, but made of absorbent material. It fastens with snaps or Velcro. The fitted is not water proof and must be worn with a diaper cover.
Example: Bumkins, TwinkieTush

Contour- The diapers in-between fitteds and pre-folds. They are sewn in the shape of a diaper, but require closure with a pin or snappi and a cover to prevent leaking.  
Examples: Kissaluvs

Pocket- A washable cover, generally made of PUL, with an attached pocket liner that holds a washable absorbent insert. The pocket allows for one or multiple inserts to be used to adjust the amount of absorbency.
Examples: Sunbaby, Thirsties

Hybrid-  Washable outer cover with the option of using a biodegradable disposable insert or a washable, cloth insert.

All-in-Two (AI2) – A washable diaper, generally made of PUL, with a snap-in, or attached, liner. The liner goes against the baby's bum or tucks behind itself into a type of looped pocket.
Examples: Bummis Ai2

All-in-One (AIO) -  The one-stop-shop. This is the no fuss option where you snap (or velcro) and go!
Examples: TotsBots 

I'm sure I have missed some popular brands or mixed up definitions... It seems that everyone has their own understanding of what each type is. There are even some that I have never heard of, like a sleeve diaper.
Psh, I don't know.

Next up: 
Cloth Diaper Laundry Basics and Controversies!

Sounds exciting, right?

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