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July 23, 2014

Sayanora, Pre-Med!

Jake has been adapting to fatherhood exceptionally well.
He is silly and nurturing to our little boy. The bond that they have is adorable and growing daily.

Jake has been through a lot these past 3 months.
Jake is an official graduate from 2 institutions and is currently finishing his last semester of pre-med classes. Physics and Organic chemistry lectures have been playing in the background of everything recently.

Moving was stressful for him due to me not being able to lift much with my c-section incision. We had a limited amount of time for heavy lifting because Jake had sinus surgery scheduled.
(Waiting for his name to be called.)
(Jaxon napped while Jake was in surgery.) 
That was a ton of fun, taking his blood disorder into account.  The surgery went well, but recovery took an hour longer than usual. 
His recovery, while bloody, was fairly short.

(After getting home.)

(1 week post-op. Check out that swelling!)
We are now in full-on MCAT mode. Jake is taking his test this Friday.
That's only 2 days away!!!
It’s a pretty intense time and giving us a taste of what our future will look like, once Jake gets into med school.

While not ideal, I think that once we come to that phase in our lives that we will be able to handle it just fine.

It’s hard to believe that we are so close to the end of this phase in our lives. Soon, hopefully, the MCAT will be behind us and school applications will be our sole focus for a while.

I’m excited and nervous, all at once.

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