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July 22, 2014

My Maternity Leave in a Nutshell

Things around here have been a little sparse, I know.

I’m a mom.
It’s one of those things that is so weird to say, yet the most natural thing in the world.

I have been taking the past three months and enjoyed a nice, (US) long maternity leave. Once Jaxon was here I knew that I wanted to take full advantage of the three months and practically disappear from the world while I got to know my little boy.

I admire the women who are able to focus enough to blog on top of everything else, I just wasn’t one of them. I think it has something to do with my inability to get a blog post calendar going.

So much has happened since Jaxon arrived.

Jake and I moved in with MIL and SFIL.
The summer musical, Funny Girl, came and went.
Jaxon’s first a lot of things.
I’m back at work.

OK, so that really isn’t all that much once it’s listed.
With a newborn, that’s  lot… I promise you.

Moving was an experience.
MIL and SFIL have been in love with the house for the past year that it has been on the market. They finally worked out something with the owner, who happened to be a real estate agent.
It’s a gorgeous house with 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a bonus room, a 6 car garage and a pool.
Yeah, I know.

When Jake went to do an impromptu walk through of the house the idea of us moving in was brought up.
Jake and are so thankful for the opportunity.
Our neighborhood, while nice, was right by a shopping center where someone was stabbed.
It was also brought up that it did not make any sense to pay rent to a stranger when we could use a couple of the rooms at the new house, pay less rent than we would be able to find anywhere in town, and put the remainder of what we use to pay toward a down payment for a house.

As we quickly approached the moving weekend for my in-laws, after communicating with our landlord, we were basically forced out of our apartment.
Meaning we were moving the same weekend as our in-laws.
It was a hectic weekend full of all kinds of drama, craziness and boxes.

Finally, Monday morning everyone’s things were in.
Jake and I had our entire lives in one garage and our in-laws were in the other.

Over the next week we all moved boxes from the garage to rooms all over the house.
We all learned a lot about each other in the process.
One thing is for sure, we never have to buy cleaning supplies or paper towels ever again.

I don’t know why adding the summer musical on top of all of that was such a good idea.
But Funny Girl was such a big part of my childhood, I could not pass up being in the show and getting the opportunity to be the understudy for Fannie Brice.
(The Zigfield girls!) 
(Jaxon backstage after intermission) 
(Jaxon, after going on stage for the first time, opening night!)
My life consisted of unpacking boxes, repacking poorly packed boxes, laundry and the musical.
It was a pretty crazy maternity leave.

I was also given the opportunity to apply for a part-time position in my office at work.

I’m excited that I’m now only working part-time.
So that’s my update.

I’m alive.
Lonely at work while my little man is hanging out with his aunt and cousins for a half day.
Settling into living with my in-laws (which has been truly awesome so far).
Adjusting to driving on a new side of town.

Pretty exciting, I guess.

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