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July 18, 2014

Jaxon's Birth

You know how women say that mother's forget their labor and birth experiences.
I thought they were lying.
They totally weren't.

I can tell you that it was a hurry up and wait situation.
(Jake, as we got settled in our labor room.)
The cliff-notes version is that we went in at 8:30 pm on the 16th for my induction.
About 12 hours in I was so tired battling back labor and my contractions were getting me about 1 cm per hour, so I got an epidural so I would have enough energy for the end.
It was an awesome decision for me.
Jake and my mom were appreciative as well.

After the anesthesiologist did his work I slept.
And slept.
And slept.
Pressing that little button every once in a while.

Jake did his homework and napped.
Mom chatted with former co-workers.

Once I was to 9 cm my nurse started getting in gear.
I knew they were going to suggest a c-section about an hour before they did.
My rolling contractions were not conducive for pushing.
I wasn't dilating past 9 cm for over an hour.
Jaxon wouldn't get into a good position.
All of those factors weren't enough for my nurses to think re-positioning Jaxon would help, even though his vitals were good.

I was at peace with the decision.

The OR was a kinda fun environment.
I was well rested and had prayed for peace and understanding.
The OR staff was silly and fresh since it was 11:00pm, just after shift change.
We all tried to guess what Jaxon would weigh.
I was shaking a lot from a mixture of my epidural medication and adrenaline and they gave me a heated blanket across my arms and chest. 
It was heavenly.
Jake tried to watch the whole surgery and I made him sit by me and stroke my cheek.
Jaxon was born at 11:28 pm.
we heard his cry and Jake was whisked quickly to the back corner of my OR room with Jaxon so he could do Kangaroo Care.

I over my right shoulder I hear, 'I see some eyes! Hi Buddy!'
Then an awe filled, 'He has my eyes!' that brought true tears to my eyes.
It was in that moment that I knew that my husband was going to be a great father and mentor fro our little boy.

Jake brought Jaxon over to me while they were sewing me up and placed his little puffy cheek on mine.
I just laid there trying to pour all of my love and care into the little cheek touching my own.
I tried to talk to him and quiet his cries of distress from being pulled from his dark cozy home.
Every other sound and movement dissipated.
I closed my eyes and soaked in the love surrounding the three of us.
I was on autopilot, responding to anything asked of me, just thinking about the little boy that was so close to me, but still so far.

I honestly don't know how long it as between the doctor pulling him out and being put into our hospital room.
I know that I requested that only 2 people come back at a time to visit while I was in the small recovery room, trying to nurse for the first time.
After such a long ordeal I knew that my family was anxious and worried about the situation.
The love and relief was tangible and a little funny to experience.

Once we were taken to our hospital room, Jake passed out and I watched the nurse give Jaxon his first bath.
I tried to wake Jake up multiple times.
I had no idea how tiring everything was for him.
He didn't truly recover until after we were home.
I was in a state of bliss and didn't really feel like sleeping.
But man, was I hungry!

The hospital stay was great.
(Jake holding Jaxon the next morning.)
Our staff was amazing.
My recovery was steady and quick.
We went home on Easter day.
(First family picture before we left the hospital.) 
(Our first evening at home!)

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