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July 17, 2014

Jaxon is 3 Months!

That's right.
My little man is 3 months old.

These past three months have been amazing, fulfilling, awesome, exhilarating, and hard.

Month 1 was so blissful, I can't even tell you anything other than I took that month to really fall in love with my little boy.
He was so easy.
Sleeping really well.
Eating like a champ.
He loved diaper changes and string at the baby in the mirror.
He smiled and laughed at 2 weeks while we were feeding.
He outgrew newborn clothing at 3 weeks.
He hated tummy time, but then I didn't give him much.
We battled one rash for about a week.

My family was such a great support for me while I healed from my C-section.
I had pretty constant visitors for the first three weeks. 
My mom was a life line during that time. She always came and hung out with me during her days off.

During month 1 I was also packing to move.
Yes we are insane.

Month 2 was a lot of unpacking boxes and finding the new rhythm of our lives.
Jaxon was starting to play with little toys. 
He outgrew 0-3 month clothes at 10 weeks.
He got into the pool for the first time over father's day weekend and absolutely loved it!
He was easy to have with me, so he came to all of my musical rehearsals and voice lessons.
We dealt with a lot of upset tummies in month 2.
(I think it was a latch problem that resolved itself.)
He is such a happy baby that it is really hard to think of times or experiences with him that were not as fun.
Maybe some crying during rehearsals when I couldn't get him latched fast enough for his liking because I had to fight with a feeding cover.

Hello month 3!

I can't wait to see what you throw at us!
Starting daycare with SIL.
More growing.
I love how his personality is already showing and I can't wait to see it develop more!

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