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July 9, 2014

Allergies Suck

Back in March I was having some major skin issues. 
It was when we were having our maternity pictures dome and I had to scrap some of the picture ideas due to things being too embarrassing.

I was doing laundry the night before pictures and I realized that the only change that I had made that would effect everything was missing the smell of laundry when it came to my laundry.
because of that I had purchased regular dryer sheets, rather than our usual hypoallergenic free and gentle ones.
It never even came to mind that a skin issue could happen.

Needless to say, those dryer sheets were tossed that night.
Now that Jaxon is here and I am back to seeing my regular family doctor, I'm going on the skin allergy hunt to find out what exactly is causing this to happen. 

Jake will be doing one too, to find out the cause of his eczema issues, since we heard that it may be a food allergy.

This also means that we are extra careful with Jaxon and his skin.
It's one of our main reasons for doing cloth diapering.. So that I can be in control of exactly what touches his cute little tuckas.

Has anyone been through the allergy process?
I'm a little nervous about it.

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