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May 1, 2014

Controversial Decisions

I had no idea how controversial the idea of circumcision had become.

I always thought that it was a parent's personal decision when it came to their son. Some based it on religion, others on continuity.

It wasn't until I was searching on Pinterest that I found the parental shaming that takes place based on this decision. 

I was appalled at the tone and complete lack of respect. I talked about this with my sisters and mom, wondering if they had come across any thing like it. My sisters had no idea... And my mom, a registered mother-infant nurse, was completely infuriated.

My understanding of circumcision was that you make the choice based on personal matters. 

I had no idea that my decision made any difference to other people. 

That someone I have never even met would claim that my 'ignorance' was proof positive that I was an uneducated, uncaring child mutilator that wanted to change the body that God gave him in order to ensure that my life would be easier during diaper changes.

My response to those people.

Why don't you worry about yourself rather than obsess over other people's educated parental choices.

Thank you.

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