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May 1, 2014

Newborn pictures

Kama never ceases to amaze me.

My first 5 weeks of Parenting

Time has gone by in a blur. Literally. 
I can't believe I'm rounding out my 5th week of being a parent.
People say that you become a parent the second that you become pregnant.
This is true, to a point.

There is something very different about carrying something inside of you for safe keeping and having a child in your arms.

I have to admit that th whole first week is a blur. 
A majority of that week was spent in recovery. The rest with my mom hanging out with me and teaching me the ropes while Jake went back to school and work.

Another part of that first week was me trying to be sure that I had chosen th right name for my boy.
It was alien for me to finally have a child to call a a name that we had chosen months before. It wasn't until the 4th week that Jaxon felt right. Sometimes I still find myself staring at him and reminding myself that his name is Jaxon and not 'My perfect boy'.... Which I call him all the time.

Week 2 was when I decided that I couldn't stand my house being a complete disaster. I slept a lot, but also cleaned the living room, my 2nd bedroom. People were overd all the time and it always looked like a war zone. It wasn't until I decided that I as confident taking the stairs more than twice a day that things started getting better. I started sorting and organizing in whatever room I was in.

Week 2 was also the week I decided to over do it and have a day of sleeping inbetween each feeding and diaper change. It was not my finest moment. 

And getting peed on.

And newborn pictures.

Week 3 consisted of a lot of shopping. Big sis needed some quality time and I needed nursing bras. It was also when all of our donated groceries ran out. So Jake and I had a great time going to our local warehouse store and grocery store. It was exhausting. 

Week 4 was a tv week. I found and finished Parenthood. I highly recommend it. And no, I'm not ashamed. I also became the summer garage sale queen when it comes to finding baby gear.

Week 4 was also starting cloth diapers week. Talk about exciting!

And here we are in week 5. The week of dr appointments, the zoo and moving Jake's mom to her new house.

Controversial Decisions

I had no idea how controversial the idea of circumcision had become.

I always thought that it was a parent's personal decision when it came to their son. Some based it on religion, others on continuity.

It wasn't until I was searching on Pinterest that I found the parental shaming that takes place based on this decision. 

I was appalled at the tone and complete lack of respect. I talked about this with my sisters and mom, wondering if they had come across any thing like it. My sisters had no idea... And my mom, a registered mother-infant nurse, was completely infuriated.

My understanding of circumcision was that you make the choice based on personal matters. 

I had no idea that my decision made any difference to other people. 

That someone I have never even met would claim that my 'ignorance' was proof positive that I was an uneducated, uncaring child mutilator that wanted to change the body that God gave him in order to ensure that my life would be easier during diaper changes.

My response to those people.

Why don't you worry about yourself rather than obsess over other people's educated parental choices.

Thank you.