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March 27, 2014

38 Weeks Pregnant: Pumpkin

Week 38

Under 15 days?!
This is completely insane.
Updates from last week are pretty significant.
2cm dilated and 50% effaced!
That’s right, this ball is a rollin’ right along!
I’m praying that things continue to progress, but if they don’t we’ve been scheduled to go in the night of the 16th.
My doctor, Jake and I decided that drawing a line in the sand on Jaxon’s eviction date was what would be best due to his size as well as the swelling that has been pretty consistent these past 4 weeks.
The one downside is that if no progress is made before then, the inducing could take a really long time… And I don’t like the idea of that.
My swelling is ok.
It doesn’t hurt, or go above my ankles.
It’s just weird feeling the fluid slushing around when I walk.
Lovely, I know.
Jaxon has dropped, significantly.
I still don’t have any specific cravings, other than a 3 day stint of needing a mango strawberry smoothie from Culvers.
I do have habitual things that I eat every day or so.
I have peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, with a glass of milk and my prenatals.
On my morning break, I get an orange muffin and a chocolate milk.
For lunch I try to eat something green, either a small salad or a little bowl of broccoli, along with my meal.
The rest of it is just whatever sounds good.
I’m dealing more with a loss of appetite more than anything else.
There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to eat when there is all this pressure in your abdomen.
My reflux is very mild, especially since Jaxon dropped.
I’m not sleeping great.
Because of either a cold or allergies I have been very congested and Jake informed me that I’ve developed a snoring problem.
Isn’t that just lovely?
I’m not comfortable taking a decongestant, even one of the ‘safe’ ones.
I don’t really know why.
I’m hoping that once Jax is here I will be able to take a decongestant that will work faster, with less doses so I won’t have to skip many feedings, and I’ll be all better.
Also, losing the 45+ lbs. that I have gained in the past 10 months may help some too.
My Braxton hicks only happen at night.
It’s pretty crappy.
Add this to the bad sleeping and you can just imagine my state in the morning, when my alarm goes off at 5:45am.
Jake has really been great.
He is trying to be in a good mood and excited with me as often as possible in order to distract me.
It really does help, having him be a goof while I am laying with my feet up all the time.
But I know that the excitement is sincere.
I am starting to think that he got all my nesting urges.
His energy is a bit much sometimes, but I really love how helpful he has been.
Even if some of the help is because I can’t bend over or get myself off the couch without a little help.
Well The countdown is on.
It may end up being wrong… But at least there is one!!!
13 days!

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