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March 26, 2014

37 Weeks: Watermelon Status!

We made it past the safe point!
37 weeks means less heel pricks and monitoring for my little boy.
Jax is the size of a watermelon!

I am getting to the point where my patients for waiting is wearing thin.
Well, we can say my patients in general is pretty much gone.
If I could, I would take the next 3 weeks off, but I just know that I would hate myself when my maternity leave was ending earlier.
I also think that I would probably drive myself insane if I took too much time off beforehand.
I’m still feeling really good.
I actually feel guilty complaining about the tiny things that bother me because I know how blessed I’ve been with this pregnancy.
I’m tired.
I’m not having any insomnia issues, but I’m tired all the time.
All the time.
Jaxon’s kicks aren’t really kicks anymore. They were up until this week.
Now they are more like leaps.
For example, Jax will position himself on the top of my left hip and launch his butt into the air.
Meaning that he is catapulting his butt straight out then when he meets my resistance he peg legs and I end up with feet almost protruding out right above my hip again.
It’s lovely.
Our car seat is installed and we are trying to get use to the new blind spot that we have.
Everyone gets pretty excited when they see it.
My one tip for new parents putting in car seats;
Sit on the base in order to get the restraint tight enough to avoid random wiggling.
I’m excited to announce that I am experiencing more reflux.
So, Jax may have hair!
This is exciting because I was bald until I was 2… And then I started having that awkward baby hair growth that can’t really be cut for another year.
For girls born bald, bows and headbands are you friend.
Otherwise people think you are a boy.
Firsthand experience, right here.
Not a whole lot more has progressed since last week in the nursery department of life.
We just haven’t had time to do much.
I got a massage on Monday and it was glorious!
It didn’t really help with much, but it was really great getting to relax and not feel guilty about it.
Getting the knots out of my back was a bonus.
Big sis and I traded pants in the middle of the work day.
Her pants were too big and mine were too small.
It was a pretty amazing trade because I thought my legs were being cut off when I was sitting at my desk.
And Big Sis’ pants were a baggy mess.
So she is keeping the ones that I wore and I’m keeping hers until I deliver.
It was pretty funny.
I found out that my uterus goes all the way up to my sternum and everything of my own is stuck behind the dang thing.
This means rib dancing is becoming Jaxon’s specialty.
Also, I learned another new things about pregnancy.
Nothing out front is mine anymore.
It’s official.

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