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March 11, 2014

35 weeks: Coconut

I'm astounded every time another week passes.
It's intimidating.
5 weeks left.
That's under 40 days.
That's not much longer than month.

That's crazy!

I'm feeling a lot of pressure this week. 
It's interesting to feel him drop and pop back up.
Not my favorite.

I had my first appointment for checking dilation.
1cm dilated.
Jaxon was at -4 when she checked... Meaning he was pretty high and not dropped.
And there was not really any thinning out of my mucus.
Lovely huh?

So I'm ahead of the game... But not at the same time.
My OB guessed that I'd make it into April.

I'm at 42lbs over my starting weight. 
I'm relieved that about 15 of that is baby and placenta. 

I'm getting really tired. 
I'm waking up fairly frequently during the night because I'm paranoid about my swelling and water consumption.
I'm absolutely terrible during the work day, when I need to be good due to being on and off my feet so often, and I try to make up for it at night by sleeping with a water bottle within hands reach.

My swelling is about the same.
Mainly it happens when I get hotter.. But also if I have been on my feet too long.
Probably because when I'm up, I'm constantly moving.
All of my tests are still saying that there sin't any protein present, so it's just regular edema.

Jaxon's kicks have turned into major stretching.
And he gets the hiccups fairly often.
But this week he has begun to slow down due to not having much room.
Because of this I'm really starting to do my kick counts.
I haven't really before this because his movement was so frequent and pronounced.
Hey, this may be the one thing that I actually get paranoid about.
At least it's a good thing to obsess about.

On to week 36!

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