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March 4, 2014

34 weeks: Little Man is the size of a Cantaloupe

I’m basically good to go.
My family would tell you that I have to wait until after my baby shower this weekend.
My body tells me that I’m gonna be prego for a while longer.
I’m not having anything more than the Braxton hicks tightening.
Every once in a while Little Man decides that kicking my pelvic floor is entertaining.
In the meantime I sit really still and question if I’m going to pee my pants.
Then, I keegle.
That’s been an interesting new feeling.

I’ve not peed my pants, so far.
I’m pretty proud of that… But we will see what the next 6 weeks brings.

Another new sensation is Little Man kicking or pushing off the top of my hip bone.

I’m at my whits end with maternity clothes.
Not only do I feel huge (because I am carrying a basketball) in everything I wear…
I had to go up a pant size in work pants.
I absolutely hate thinking that I’m purchasing pants that I’ll only wear a few times.
However, with Big Sis 3 months behind me, she has started demanding clothes.
Since they are hers to begin with, I guess giving her back some of her maternity wardrobe is the nice thing to do.
It’s funny how much I ended up getting of my own.
I thought by sharing clothes we would be saving money.
That doesn’t work when you have babies in different seasons and 3 years apart.

Add this stupid long and crazy winter onto it and you get clothing frustration.
Add my love for retail therapy and you get ‘Erin’s Maternity Wardrobe That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen’.
I don’t mind.
My non maternity wardrobe lasted me quite a long time, I just filled in the gaps as I went.

This week was my last voice lesson until after Little Man is here.
It’s absolutely crazy how hard it is to really sing with him in there.
Sometimes, I’ll be really steady and have the energy to do things correctly.
Other times, it’s amazing how much can be effected by a small change in positions for him.
Makes me feel like a beginner with fliers and messed up breath support.
I’m just glad that my health has been so good with Little Man, and that I haven’t had to make up for any sick days.
Hopefully I’ll be able to jump back into lessons pretty soon after Little Man is here.

I’m still feeling really good.
I’ve been having more swelling.
Well, not more, it’s just happening more often.
My dr. said it’s because Little Man is sitting so low that when I sit for too long he is pretty much cutting off blood flow to my lower body.
It’s a joy.

Crossing my legs has all of a sudden been impossible.
I’m expecting that tying my shoes will be the next to go.

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Kacie said...

"I’ve not peed my pants, so far.
I’m pretty proud of that… But we will see what the next 6 weeks brings."

That literally made me lol.