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February 24, 2014

Products I Love During Pregnancy

I adore these prenatal vitamins. They aren't as bad as some daily's I've taken. I feel really great because they include a probiotic and my stomach is very sensitive. Enough that I've substituted the probiotic I was taking before pregnancy with this. It does taste just like any other multi-vitamin and you do have that after vitamin burp that is pretty gross... 
I've never had to take DHA before, and I've avoided fish oil (it's basically the same thing) because I was afraid of burping and smelling like the ocean. This DHA is actually infused with orange oil and is awesome! The orange overcomes anything in the gel that may be crazy smelling.
The best thing is you can get large bottles. I got large bottles, 90 day supply of Prenatal and the generic 60 of DHA, and I love that I'm buying them all the time.
Vitamins get expensive.

Who knows if this is a superior lotion or not... 
I just know that I smell fabulous and my skin is amazingly soft.

So, I didn't actually buy this item. SIL let me borrow hers.
It's my everything pillow.
It has been everywhere.
The head of the bed, stretched out in front of me, stretched out behind me, at the foot of the bed.
And it's been awesome.

MK Oil Mattifier

Heck no.
It's oil, all the way.
my oil mattifier has been an amazing help to the over production of oil that has come over me.

Maternity Pants

Anyone who decided to try to wear their regular pants as long as possible is crazy.
Stop think caring about what people think and embrace the elastic band.
Old Navy has some great ones that are actually affordable.

Those are my go-to products.
Do you have something that you couldn't live without during your pregnancy?

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