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February 28, 2014

33 weeks

A lot of people say that delivery dreams start around this time.
Not for me.
I’m having breast feeding dreams.

I’ve always been interested in breast feeding. No one that I knew ever did it until all my sisters had their first children. It wasn’t taboo, necessarily, it just wasn’t something you talked about.
Now that breastfeeding has turned into a semi-hot topic, and all the women in my life are in that stage of their lives it talk about pretty frequently.
Having never done it, and planning to, I can’t help but be interested.
It’s fascinating on nearly every level.
Hearing stories about issues, joys, technique, and everything else have come up.
I’ve watched struggles, and the complete contentment between baby and mother.
It’s truly beautiful.
I’m nervous, and excited.

My dreams have been mostly about public breast feeding.
I think I’m nervous because I don’t know where I stand on it, when it comes to me personally.
I don’t know if I’ll be comfortable about whipping things out in a mall or at a restaurant because I’ve never done it before.
Maybe my little boy’s needs will trump all and I’ll be defiant of ‘The Man’.
Maybe I’ll not really care and just do what I have to do.
Maybe I’ll only want to breast feed at home.
I truly don’t know, and I think that’s what the dreams have been about.

Motherhood brings very different and new feelings to the surface and I’m anxious to see what will happen in my case.

I’m feeling really good.
My swelling has gotten a little more frequent and I’m not enjoying it.
Especially when Big Sis decided to make fun of me for it.
Her time is coming.
I’m spending most of my nights resting with my feet up.
It’s no fun.
I have things to do.
A baby to prep for… Ya know!
I’m basically cutting most salts out of my diet.
Have I told you how much I love fries?
It’s a good thing that I’m really loving fresh fruit.

My baby shower is next weekend!
I’m really excited because I get to see people that I haven’t seen in a while, along with family that I adore.
Plus, eat yummy food.
We are also publically announcing Little Man’s name at the shower.
I’ve been really good about telling people only if they really ask or were a part of the sounding board.
You’d be amazed how easy it was.
People ask every once in a while, but for the most part they want to ask about you and how you are feeling.
I’m really excited.

My doctor appointments have changed to Thursdays, when Jake doesn’t have classes.
My last one went pretty well.
Little Man is head down and really only hanging out on the right side of my belly.
He flip flops every once in a while, but most of the feet kicks are so far over that they’re basically in line with my armpit.
It’s funny when he stretches out and I’m holding his feet all the way over on my hip.

Anyway, my water is good.
No protein anywhere to be found.
He’s still on the big side of normal.

{Someone was sticking his butt way out...}

I told my Dr. that I was thinking that he may come a little early and she pretty much confirmed that she wouldn’t be surprised if I went in at 38 or 39 weeks.
I don’t know about all that… But we’ll see what God and Little Man have in store.
Needless to say, I’ve been trying to prep my hospital bag.
It’s a little hard to do, but I’m trying.
Hopefully it’ll be done and stored by the front door.

I’m still forgetting that I’m pregnant, at times.
When little Man is still and sleeping I’ll feel fairly ‘normal’…
As normal as you can carrying another human being, being 30 lbs heavier, with bigger boobs, feet and lips. (if I knew why my lips decided to go all Lindsey Lohan I’d be so happy.)
I’m not complaining. It’s all for the cause, don’t get me wrong.
But it sure doesn’t ever feel normal.
At least I’m not truly waddling yet.
I get a little weeble wobbly every once in a while… But it’s controllable.

7 weeks left!
Or there about.

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