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February 20, 2014

32 Weeks: Little Man is the size of a Pineapple!

These weekly updates are getting crazy, huh?
32 weeks.

8 left.
Little Man’s movements are starting to be not quite as cute as before.
He’s all over the place and when he moves, he MOVES.
I’m talking dancing like a crazy person in there.
Tuesday night I had to turn on some classical piano because I wasn’t matching too many socks while he was dancing. He was distracting.
We both promptly fell asleep.
I set up my massage for week 34.
I’m excited.
It’s going to be the night before my baby shower.
Yeah, you see how I did that?
I’m not having any issues, not any consistent ones at any rate.
I’m starting to feel caged into my wardrobe. I’m ready to be in cuter clothes that don’t accentuate the bump.
I’m almost tempted to start wearing black more often because it’s minimizing and people may stop asking if I’m due in March.
Goodness, Erin. Knock it off!
I’m grateful.
I’m grateful that my placenta is pushing him forward so that I’m not having a lot of back pain.
I’m grateful that he likes to sit so low that I can still breathe.
I’m grateful that he is still comfy inside.
I’m grateful that he is getting so big and showing so much energy. (I may not be as grateful for that once he is here…)
I’m grateful that he’s ours.
Sorry about that.
My belly button is pretty set on being out.
It’s not visible when I’m in full panel pants, but the second I’m in pj’s it’s like a pomegranate.
It’s still stinkin’ soft though.
I can't help how weird that is...
Maternity Bras…
Talk about a new experience.
I thought buying new bras for pregnancy was going to be expensive.
Plus everyone in the world is pregnant right now and my sizes are nowhere to be found.
It’s awesome…
I started packing our hospital bag.
I’m about halfway done, and not really inspired to get much done.
Baby steps.
My dad is making Little Man’s crib. I’m super excited about it.
He took a week of work to really get things going and He only has assembly and staining left to do.
All the cutting and sanding is done and soon it’ll be sitting in our nursery!
I’m really pumped, if you can’t tell!
We got our glider and ottoman.
It was a gift from Jake’s dad and step-mom.
It’s still in the box, for now.
It’ll be set up once Jake has the time to get it done.
I’m fully in support of men doing manly things, like putting furniture together.
I will only intervene if things get to an emergency status…
Then I’ll find my little screwdriver and plop my prego butt down and assemble whatever needs done…

Less than 8 Weeks!
Here is my take on the second pregnancy photo, only with Asher.
For some reason he loves being carried like this, even before I was pregnant.
(Ignore the tired eyes.)

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