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February 28, 2014

33 weeks

A lot of people say that delivery dreams start around this time.
Not for me.
I’m having breast feeding dreams.

I’ve always been interested in breast feeding. No one that I knew ever did it until all my sisters had their first children. It wasn’t taboo, necessarily, it just wasn’t something you talked about.
Now that breastfeeding has turned into a semi-hot topic, and all the women in my life are in that stage of their lives it talk about pretty frequently.
Having never done it, and planning to, I can’t help but be interested.
It’s fascinating on nearly every level.
Hearing stories about issues, joys, technique, and everything else have come up.
I’ve watched struggles, and the complete contentment between baby and mother.
It’s truly beautiful.
I’m nervous, and excited.

My dreams have been mostly about public breast feeding.
I think I’m nervous because I don’t know where I stand on it, when it comes to me personally.
I don’t know if I’ll be comfortable about whipping things out in a mall or at a restaurant because I’ve never done it before.
Maybe my little boy’s needs will trump all and I’ll be defiant of ‘The Man’.
Maybe I’ll not really care and just do what I have to do.
Maybe I’ll only want to breast feed at home.
I truly don’t know, and I think that’s what the dreams have been about.

Motherhood brings very different and new feelings to the surface and I’m anxious to see what will happen in my case.

I’m feeling really good.
My swelling has gotten a little more frequent and I’m not enjoying it.
Especially when Big Sis decided to make fun of me for it.
Her time is coming.
I’m spending most of my nights resting with my feet up.
It’s no fun.
I have things to do.
A baby to prep for… Ya know!
I’m basically cutting most salts out of my diet.
Have I told you how much I love fries?
It’s a good thing that I’m really loving fresh fruit.

My baby shower is next weekend!
I’m really excited because I get to see people that I haven’t seen in a while, along with family that I adore.
Plus, eat yummy food.
We are also publically announcing Little Man’s name at the shower.
I’ve been really good about telling people only if they really ask or were a part of the sounding board.
You’d be amazed how easy it was.
People ask every once in a while, but for the most part they want to ask about you and how you are feeling.
I’m really excited.

My doctor appointments have changed to Thursdays, when Jake doesn’t have classes.
My last one went pretty well.
Little Man is head down and really only hanging out on the right side of my belly.
He flip flops every once in a while, but most of the feet kicks are so far over that they’re basically in line with my armpit.
It’s funny when he stretches out and I’m holding his feet all the way over on my hip.

Anyway, my water is good.
No protein anywhere to be found.
He’s still on the big side of normal.

{Someone was sticking his butt way out...}

I told my Dr. that I was thinking that he may come a little early and she pretty much confirmed that she wouldn’t be surprised if I went in at 38 or 39 weeks.
I don’t know about all that… But we’ll see what God and Little Man have in store.
Needless to say, I’ve been trying to prep my hospital bag.
It’s a little hard to do, but I’m trying.
Hopefully it’ll be done and stored by the front door.

I’m still forgetting that I’m pregnant, at times.
When little Man is still and sleeping I’ll feel fairly ‘normal’…
As normal as you can carrying another human being, being 30 lbs heavier, with bigger boobs, feet and lips. (if I knew why my lips decided to go all Lindsey Lohan I’d be so happy.)
I’m not complaining. It’s all for the cause, don’t get me wrong.
But it sure doesn’t ever feel normal.
At least I’m not truly waddling yet.
I get a little weeble wobbly every once in a while… But it’s controllable.

7 weeks left!
Or there about.

February 24, 2014

Products I Love During Pregnancy

I adore these prenatal vitamins. They aren't as bad as some daily's I've taken. I feel really great because they include a probiotic and my stomach is very sensitive. Enough that I've substituted the probiotic I was taking before pregnancy with this. It does taste just like any other multi-vitamin and you do have that after vitamin burp that is pretty gross... 
I've never had to take DHA before, and I've avoided fish oil (it's basically the same thing) because I was afraid of burping and smelling like the ocean. This DHA is actually infused with orange oil and is awesome! The orange overcomes anything in the gel that may be crazy smelling.
The best thing is you can get large bottles. I got large bottles, 90 day supply of Prenatal and the generic 60 of DHA, and I love that I'm buying them all the time.
Vitamins get expensive.

Who knows if this is a superior lotion or not... 
I just know that I smell fabulous and my skin is amazingly soft.

So, I didn't actually buy this item. SIL let me borrow hers.
It's my everything pillow.
It has been everywhere.
The head of the bed, stretched out in front of me, stretched out behind me, at the foot of the bed.
And it's been awesome.

MK Oil Mattifier

Heck no.
It's oil, all the way.
my oil mattifier has been an amazing help to the over production of oil that has come over me.

Maternity Pants

Anyone who decided to try to wear their regular pants as long as possible is crazy.
Stop think caring about what people think and embrace the elastic band.
Old Navy has some great ones that are actually affordable.

Those are my go-to products.
Do you have something that you couldn't live without during your pregnancy?

February 20, 2014

32 Weeks: Little Man is the size of a Pineapple!

These weekly updates are getting crazy, huh?
32 weeks.

8 left.
Little Man’s movements are starting to be not quite as cute as before.
He’s all over the place and when he moves, he MOVES.
I’m talking dancing like a crazy person in there.
Tuesday night I had to turn on some classical piano because I wasn’t matching too many socks while he was dancing. He was distracting.
We both promptly fell asleep.
I set up my massage for week 34.
I’m excited.
It’s going to be the night before my baby shower.
Yeah, you see how I did that?
I’m not having any issues, not any consistent ones at any rate.
I’m starting to feel caged into my wardrobe. I’m ready to be in cuter clothes that don’t accentuate the bump.
I’m almost tempted to start wearing black more often because it’s minimizing and people may stop asking if I’m due in March.
Goodness, Erin. Knock it off!
I’m grateful.
I’m grateful that my placenta is pushing him forward so that I’m not having a lot of back pain.
I’m grateful that he likes to sit so low that I can still breathe.
I’m grateful that he is still comfy inside.
I’m grateful that he is getting so big and showing so much energy. (I may not be as grateful for that once he is here…)
I’m grateful that he’s ours.
Sorry about that.
My belly button is pretty set on being out.
It’s not visible when I’m in full panel pants, but the second I’m in pj’s it’s like a pomegranate.
It’s still stinkin’ soft though.
I can't help how weird that is...
Maternity Bras…
Talk about a new experience.
I thought buying new bras for pregnancy was going to be expensive.
Plus everyone in the world is pregnant right now and my sizes are nowhere to be found.
It’s awesome…
I started packing our hospital bag.
I’m about halfway done, and not really inspired to get much done.
Baby steps.
My dad is making Little Man’s crib. I’m super excited about it.
He took a week of work to really get things going and He only has assembly and staining left to do.
All the cutting and sanding is done and soon it’ll be sitting in our nursery!
I’m really pumped, if you can’t tell!
We got our glider and ottoman.
It was a gift from Jake’s dad and step-mom.
It’s still in the box, for now.
It’ll be set up once Jake has the time to get it done.
I’m fully in support of men doing manly things, like putting furniture together.
I will only intervene if things get to an emergency status…
Then I’ll find my little screwdriver and plop my prego butt down and assemble whatever needs done…

Less than 8 Weeks!
Here is my take on the second pregnancy photo, only with Asher.
For some reason he loves being carried like this, even before I was pregnant.
(Ignore the tired eyes.)

February 12, 2014

31 Weeks: He's a Big Head of Lettuice

This week and last week have blended together.
(I went to bed right after taking this. Talk about looking tired!)

I spent most of my week relaxing due to very minor swelling.

I have a lot of things I need to be doing, but I’m really trying to not wear myself out.
I started my bi-weekly appointments this week.
It’s crazy to think that I’m far enough along to need them.
I’ve reached 30lbs gained since my pregnancy started.
My Dr. was really pleased with it and doesn’t think I’ll go past 35lbs.
I’m not having any contractions, other than the occasional Braxton Hicks.
Easy-peasy, for the time being.

Acid reflux has been pretty minimum.
I’m not surprised.
If they have recently confirmed the link between acid-reflux and amount of hair that a baby has, I know Little Man will be bald.
If I was nearly bald until I was almost 2, I wouldn’t be surprised if this child will be too.
Well, maybe it’s a testament to how low he is sitting.
I just know that if he comes out with a whole head of hair, I’ll cry tears of joy.
But if he’s bald, he’s mine, hands down.

I’ve recently been getting this weird numb sensation at my shoulder blade. Mainly the left one.
I’ve read that it’s normal, just dome nerve pinching.
Big Sis got it during her pregnancy with Paisley and it still happens every once in a while.
I’m not concerned.

I’m measuring on the big side of normal, which was a relief.
Jake and I were afraid that Little Man would be a beast of a newborn.
I feel a lot better knowing that he’s still within the normal range.

I finally started my real labor literature.
It’s going to be really interest because I made sure to get a full range of different books.
With the way that I read I’m sure that I’ll get through a majority of them.
I just hope that Jake is able to find a little time to take a look at the birth partner book that I borrowed from the library for him.
It’s a shot in the dark for my husband, who never reads except for school, but you never know.
You would think that birth stuff would be more interesting than bio chem and physics…
But then again, I’m a girl… And pregnant.
So maybe not.

I’m sleeping pretty good. Only waking up 1-2 times to go to the restroom.
I’ve started sleeping with a pillow between my knees. It seems to help me stay on my side and is way more comfortable.
The boppie SIL loaned me has a new residence at the foot of the bed to prop my feet on when they feel swollen.
It’s pretty funny, because now I can’t tell what is pillow and what is puppy when I get into bed.
Swelling has really been the only consistent thing that has been going on.
I’m very glad that I took off my wedding rings so early.
My swelling is mainly in my hands because I have a tendency to sleep with my hands above my head.
It’s awesome waking up with numb fingers.
It has been really hard to break that habit.
I’ve also noticed that when I’m on my side I like to put my hands near my face under my pillow.
This arm position also equals numb fingers.
So, now when I notice that my hands are a little swollen already I will try to put them down in front of me to fall asleep.
It makes me feel a little like a fish, but at least I have feeling in my fingers when I wake up.

The other thing that is pretty funny is that I have both the upper and lower liner nigra lines.
They actually don’t line up.
I look like a crooked mess.
I also have the hint of a horizontal line.
Yep, my belly has the hint of a ‘T’ on it.
More like a broken ‘T’.
It’s weird, and I’m not thrilled.
Dr. said it was more common than I thought and we laughed about it.

My Dr. was also very confident that things would progress naturally when it comes to labor.
She predicted that I would labor beautifully on my own, that I would deliver vaginally, and that it would be pretty standard.
I took that to mean that Little Man’s birth would probably be easy and free of any surprises, from the Dr. perspective.
And I like the idea of that.
We talked a lot about going into everything with an open mind so that my flexibility would keep my labor more stress free.
The more relaxed I am, the ‘better’ contractions and labor will be.

Every week that passes feels so surreal.
I’m trying to soak in all of the quietness of a childless life.
I know that once Little Man gets here our lives will be turned upside down and inside out.
All because of a little boy.
We are both head over heels in love with him already.
It’s going to be so amazing!

February 6, 2014

30 Weeks

10 weeks left.
I can’t believe it.
That’s impossible.
This week has been really great.
We had our OB apt and we now know that Little Man is head down.
He has 2 favorite positions that he varies between, and one is with his head locked down in my pelvis.
It’s a new feeling, but one that I’m thankful for.
I was really nervous that he was going to stay breech. Jake was too, because he said a reverent, ‘Thank the Lord’ when our Dr. confirmed that he was head down.
Then he was weirded out when the Doc had him feel and wiggle Little Man’s head.
It was so cute, seeing him afraid that he was going to damage something.
It was also weird to feel my sons head wiggled back and forth.
I’m use to jumps and kicks, not someone else wiggling him.
He protested it with some spastic movement afterward.
It was cute.
I’m trying to get myself ready for Little Man actually being here with us, instead of just with me all the time.
I’m taking those precious minutes to spend just praying and contemplating the eyes he’ll have. 
His cute little (or possibly big) nose. 
Will his hair be dark?
I know that nothing can prepare you for the perfection that you get hit with when staring at your child for the first time… But I’m also trying to soak in as much ‘us’ time before I have to share him with everyone else.
Quiet baths are good for that.
I hum and chat with Asher and Zeke when they come to visit.
Really, I challenge them to get in the bath with me.
And splash them.
I know, I know. I’m mean.
But I do love that purposeful, special time just marveling in the joy and wonder of carrying one of God's precious miracles.
It’s been officially decided that I am going to be returning to work after Little Man is here.
I’m at peace with the idea.
The only reason it’s sitting as well with me as it is, is because we are blessed beyond measure to have SIL able to watch Little Man during the day.
I love that the stress and fears about leaving Little Man with complete strangers is gone.
Having family and love in the daycare equation is just such a relief.

 Asher has started to get a little more needy.

I guess, Jake has to deal with a menace of a little guy when he s home by himself.
He is pretty good with me, but I think that the show is really getting to him. Maybe I just ignore his little temper tantrums when he wants to go outside to stand there and come right back in.
Asher has taken to snuggling closer. Usually, before, he would always lay by our legs. Now, about half the time, he opts to lay up by our chests. I’m wondering if it is one of those funny things that dogs do when babies are on their way.

It also probably means that we should start the little things to prepare him, and Zeke the monster cat, for Little Man’s arrival.

I've come to love the library.
Last week I went in search of a Lamaze video, because Jake and I weren't able to fit a class into our schedule.
I came out with 2 videos on labor and about 4-5 books to peruse.
I have a family with many different birth experiences, which I’m thankful for. I have been picking their brains and trying to be sure that I have an idea of what to expect, no matter what choices I make in the labor room.
I’m trying to keep an open mind.
I’ve actually decided that I don’t want to write a birth plan. I’ll have a few requests when it comes to littler things… But I’m going to have the experience that God has planned for me. I’m not going to resist and I’m not going to set myself up for disappointment. What is meant to happen, will happen.
I’m still researching and making myself prepared for every circumstance. I’m just not going to be close minded.

The newest thing that is going on with my body is that I’ve developed a little Restless Leg Syndrome.
It’s only happened a hand full of times, but it’s lovely, let me tell you.
I’ll be sitting on the couch and I’ll have to just shake my legs out. Or I’ll be in bed, trying to fall asleep and need to get up and do a little shake dance.
I feel ridiculous… And I probably look like a toddler dong the ‘get your wiggles out’ dance.
I have a talent for the ridiculous, evidently.
I've read a little about it and how pregnancy can make it worse during months 7-9.
There isn't really any known cause, and people differ on ways to help it.
I've come to find that my baths help.
Pretty convenient, if you ask me.
I may see if maybe a blood builder vitamin would help.
My OB has given it as an example in case I was anemic. But I didn't think I would get it when all my testing came back without any irregularities.
We will see if it becomes more of an issue.

I'm excited and terrified of these last 10 weeks.