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January 2, 2014

Why I Love Goodreads

I was introduced to Goodreads a while ago and thought it was corny. I made an account, clicked through the site and dismissed it. I didn't like the post to facebook aspect.
Three years later.
GoodReads is the freaking awesomest book website ever!
Not only is it our new site for our book club's tracking, I can track my entire reading history.
Books that I read in high school and really liked? On there.
Books that I never want to read again and want to tell others to avoid? On there and done!
Books that friends have read and loved? On there, and rated!

It's an great way to really expand your reading palate and find something new that you didn't know that you loved.

It's awesome.
This is not a clear post on how awesome it really is.
Go try it yourself.
You can always choose to not share your activity on facebook.

Feel free to check out my profile!

1 comment:

Kacie said...

I had the exact same process! Instead of trying to find all the scraps of paper, notes in my phone, emails, and comments on facebook about books I'm glad I can finally go directly to Goodreads to sort it all out.

Also, Barnes and Noble has redesigned a lot of classic and influential books to make them more of a formal collection. You might want to go check them out, if only to see what they look like. I let myself get lost in them for a while.