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January 6, 2014

Pregnancy:Genetic Testing

I didn't get genetic testing done.
It's a personal decision that every mom can decide during their pregnancy. I read about it before I decided. I also went off of the information my sisters all gave me.
I figured that since there are 4 of them, I can pretty much have as varied a response as anyone else. Plus, all of them have reasons for each decision they made.

It's a good way to weigh opinion.

Anyway, back to genetic testing.

After speaking to all 4 of my sisters who have been through childbirth, some of them more than once, I decided to go with my gut and decline the option.

My biggest reason being that nothing could change my mind about this pregnancy.
If I found out that something was atypical, I wouldn't ever choose to end the pregnancy.
We would be the perfect parents for that child and they would be the perfect patents. Made for each other, no matter the circumstances.

My second reason was a selfish one.
I didn't want the anxiety that came with the testing process. It can be uncomfortable. Waiting for the results could be more stressful than the results themselves.

Other reasons:
Risking a miscarriage or infection was just too much of a risk just to see if my baby had an extra chromosome.
I wouldn't love my baby any less.
I don't have any 'high risk' factors.

I do understand that the earlier you know about 'issues' the better you are to handle them.
I also understand that knowledge is power, the longer that you are given to prepare for anything, the easier it can be for you as a parent.

But it wasn't right for us.
So, we didn't get it done.

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