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January 30, 2014

29 Weeks : Big, He's Getting Big.

29 weeks

Officially in the 3rd trimester
It’s so hard to come to the realization that Little Man will be here in less than 12 weeks.
He’s such a big part of me. His little kicks and nudges happening throughout my day.
He’s actually kept me really healthy. I’ve only come down with a dry/sore throat in the past week. That’s it. I’ve been the most healthy in the past 6 months than I have been in my entire life. I love that!
I got a birthing ball…
Jake calls it my workout ball because he decided that after he was told that there is no difference, it was dumb to make up a new name for something.
I actually really like sitting on it. Well, I bounce on it more often than not, and I know that won’t be anything near what I’ll be using it for when the time comes.
I am finally officially in all maternity clothes. I wore my v-neck sweaters for the last time and they were the hold out items. The only thing I’m not in is a jacket… But I’m just wearing my fuzzy North Face and husband’s North Face wind-wall over top. I can’t seem to find any coats that are worth getting... That may change, who knows.
I’m up by ½ a shoe size. I think the balls of my feet are spreading. They hurt a little sometimes, but I got some insoles to try to help with that. I’ve read that foot pain during pregnancy is mainly due to the shift of your center of balance as well as the new extra weight you carry. It causes you to pronate in and smash your arches. Lots of pressure on the ball of your feet equals ouchy feet. I also try to center my balance on my feet… When I remember.
The date for the baby shower has been set. My 2 big sisters are on it. I don’t know much about what they are planning, but I know that it will be awesome.
My belly button is popping out. It’s not full time out quite yet, but it will be before too long.
Let me tell you something weird. Your belly button skin is the softest skin EVER. Like touch it all the time soft. Mine was an innie before, and I seriously can’t stop feeling how soft the skin is. It may be weird seeing the little bump, but it’s really weird/cool.
I have to write everything down. I am constantly forgetting what I’m saying mid-sentence.
I’m starting to look at different blogs and Pinterest to see what people are packing in their hospital bags. It’s interesting to see what people put in. Some are common sense and some of the other stuff is crazy. I’ll weed through and see what I think will be necessary. I can’t believe it’s that time.

No more ultrasounds, unless something happens.
Maybe I'll get the last pics back from my husband, who stole them the second after the last ultrasound and hasn't given them back.

Next month I start my bi-weekly appointments.
How is that possible?!

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Kacie said...

It's so exciting! You posted those last photos and I couldn't believe how different you look from Christmas, but I should have.

And I never would have thought to check out how soft belly button skin is haha :p