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January 30, 2014

29 Weeks : Big, He's Getting Big.

29 weeks

Officially in the 3rd trimester
It’s so hard to come to the realization that Little Man will be here in less than 12 weeks.
He’s such a big part of me. His little kicks and nudges happening throughout my day.
He’s actually kept me really healthy. I’ve only come down with a dry/sore throat in the past week. That’s it. I’ve been the most healthy in the past 6 months than I have been in my entire life. I love that!
I got a birthing ball…
Jake calls it my workout ball because he decided that after he was told that there is no difference, it was dumb to make up a new name for something.
I actually really like sitting on it. Well, I bounce on it more often than not, and I know that won’t be anything near what I’ll be using it for when the time comes.
I am finally officially in all maternity clothes. I wore my v-neck sweaters for the last time and they were the hold out items. The only thing I’m not in is a jacket… But I’m just wearing my fuzzy North Face and husband’s North Face wind-wall over top. I can’t seem to find any coats that are worth getting... That may change, who knows.
I’m up by ½ a shoe size. I think the balls of my feet are spreading. They hurt a little sometimes, but I got some insoles to try to help with that. I’ve read that foot pain during pregnancy is mainly due to the shift of your center of balance as well as the new extra weight you carry. It causes you to pronate in and smash your arches. Lots of pressure on the ball of your feet equals ouchy feet. I also try to center my balance on my feet… When I remember.
The date for the baby shower has been set. My 2 big sisters are on it. I don’t know much about what they are planning, but I know that it will be awesome.
My belly button is popping out. It’s not full time out quite yet, but it will be before too long.
Let me tell you something weird. Your belly button skin is the softest skin EVER. Like touch it all the time soft. Mine was an innie before, and I seriously can’t stop feeling how soft the skin is. It may be weird seeing the little bump, but it’s really weird/cool.
I have to write everything down. I am constantly forgetting what I’m saying mid-sentence.
I’m starting to look at different blogs and Pinterest to see what people are packing in their hospital bags. It’s interesting to see what people put in. Some are common sense and some of the other stuff is crazy. I’ll weed through and see what I think will be necessary. I can’t believe it’s that time.

No more ultrasounds, unless something happens.
Maybe I'll get the last pics back from my husband, who stole them the second after the last ultrasound and hasn't given them back.

Next month I start my bi-weekly appointments.
How is that possible?!

January 23, 2014

28 Weeks: A Large Eggplant

With Little Man being 2 1/4 pounds, more and more often I'm ignoring feeling 'big'.
It's so funny because WK is 3 weeks ahead of me and carrying little Charlotte so differently that you would guess that I'm the one 3 weeks ahead.
It's interesting, for sure.

I'm feeling tremor, or seesaw, type movements every once in a while. I'm not really sure what he is doing, but it's pretty funny. But I truly do feel everything with this boy!

The modified bend has come into play. I now look like a typical pregnant woman whenever I drop something or have to reach really far to grab anything.

Little Man in finally starting to show himself in my breath support and singing. My teacher said it was pretty funny to hear when he would rise up under my diaphragm and make singing near impossible. But then seconds later he would move and things would be normal again.
Funny for him, I was sweating through the lesson because I was trying to find new ways to compensate.
Talk about thinking while you sing.

I've grown out of the maternity clothes I wore at the beginning of my 2nd semester. 
Not fun.
But it's good because I can pass them on to others who need them. In our family, it's a rotating maternity wardrobe.

I have scheduled maternity pictures. I'm really excited for them because we have a beautiful wooded walking path near our condo, along with a pretty large pond not too far from it. I'm hoping to get indoor and outdoor pictures and really have a wide variety of pictures to choose from.

The baby shower planning is in full swing. I'm a little nervous because it's a little later than I would like, but with 3 moms moms and 4 sisters, it was really hard to find a day that worked for everyone. Unfortunately we had to go with the majority. I'm sad about it, but my family is huge.

I'm nervous only because Little Man is measuring so big... I wouldn't be surprised if he came early.
We don't have another ultrasound until the beginning of February, so maybe the numbers will change... But with him possibly being big, he may decide that 40 weeks is overrated.
Then what if we don't have everything ready for him when he gets here.
Basically I am mentally prepping myself that he will be here early. Not because I want him to... But because he may be a linebacker.

It's funny, because of his size my opinion on labor and delivery has completely opened. 
I'll d what I need to do when I need to do it.
Every woman should feel that way.
Now that I'm getting into that 'motherhood club' I can see how nonsensical it is for people to talk about being a mother or labor when they haven't experienced it themselves. 
Yep. It's the whole 'don't judge till you walk a mile in their shoes' thing.

January 16, 2014

27 Weeks Done, On to 28!

Checking off these weeks, I'm starting to really feel like they are flying by.
Let me just tell you, if ever counting down to anything, use weeks.

I celebrated my 27th birthday on Saturday.
27 weeks when I'm 27. I'm all about these little things lining up.
I celebrated with a lime pop sickle, instead of a margarita.

It's very interesting, knowing that I'll be the same age as my mom when she had my big sister.
I don't mind... Even if, like any other woman ever, I question my timing with my first pregnancy.
Who wish things lined up 'a little better', even if they absolutely adore their life choices.
It's never the right time for a baby.
It's also never completely unbearable, no matter the circumstances.
I can't imagine anything better than having this Little Man jumping around in my belly.

I think I'm right at 20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight.
A dreaded number.
But necessary.

I think the funniest thing that has happened recently is me questioning my husband about my sexiness, or lack thereof.
I know it's completely terrible to try and force him into answering, pointing out the new things about my body, asking him to be specific.
Jake dodging questions is pretty funny.
Especially when they are accompanied by this kind of pose.
or a face like this.
Or me dancing around like an idiot.

I'm starting to set things up to pack my hospital bag. 
I'm nervous. Don't judge me.
You would be too if your little one was measuring in the 88th percentile!

I can't really think of much else to update on.
my hair is getting crazy long and kinda unmanageable.
If straight hair can be unmanageable.
It's boring long and I still really want to chop a little in the front to break it up and have a little taste of new.

I'm scheduling my massage soon. 
Sleeping has been alright. My lower back hurts occasionally in the middle of the night. Not really that often, but enough that I've noticed it.

I have about 1-2 braxton hicks contraction a day.

January 15, 2014

Sometimes You Just Have to Share the Hilarious...

I read this while I was on break today...
I, literally, could not stop laughing.
Like out loud, at my desk.

I'm embarrassed that my sense of humor is so juvenile.
But... Maybe I'm not alone.

January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Red Carpet 2014

Award season.
Are you ready? I'm totally psyched!

Here we go. 
Per usual I got my pictures from People.com's galleries.

My least favorite of the night.
I'm surprised and bummed by this.

Loving these:

Winner and my Favorite of the night:

January 9, 2014

weeks 25 and 26: From Couliflower to Rubarb

Week 25
It was a pretty uneventful week.
My weeks are starting to blend together. Nothing really exciting happened.
I had my appointment. It was just a dopler and weight appointment.
Well it was my glucose apt too... But because my OB's office opens an hour after I get to work and closes an hour before I go home, I haven't gotten my results yet. 
Well, I've gotten them, I just haven't talked to the office yet to get them... They've called me twice now.
Bad, bad, bad, I know.
I'm up a pound or two from my last appointmnt.
OK, in all honesty I have no idea how many pounds I'm up. 
Jake and I went over our budget and talked about a few of our plans for this next year.
It was pretty stressful for a while. I redirected my stress by choosing to clean. It was a slow start after only picking up after myself for the past few weeks. Cleaning, really cleaning, was not my focus.
Now I'm scrubbing things left and right.
Early nesting.
We got a chance to talk to SIL and we have agreed to work out something where SIL will be Little Man's caregiver while Jake and I work full time in the next year.
I have to admit that it's a relief for me.


Week 26

I'm starting to get tired. Not as tired as I was in the first semester, but tired. 
I think I'm getting round ligament pains when I move to quickly from laying to standing. It's a guess, but I'm pretty sure that is what's going on.
I'm over doing it in some things, I know. I took it upon myself to move everything in the nursery/spare room to the basement, by myself. This included a sewing machine, desk, and about 5-6 boxes and tubs full of things like scrapbooking material and other randoms. 
Not my smartest idea.
No worries about the desk, I flipped it over and scooted it on it's top.
Now that everything is in line for the nursery, the basement is next. I'm determined to get things the way that I want them before Little Man is here.
The next year is really up in the air when it comes to where we will be and what we will be doing, and I want to be organized and ready if anything has to change at a moment's notice.
We've scheduled the baby shower.
I finally got to see the fabric for the baby quilt MIL is making for us. (SO excited!)
And I felt Little Man above my belly button. (I think he finally moved and isn't breech anymore!)

That's been my past 2 weeks.
Full of maternity clothes fitting, then not fitting at all.
A little trouble sleeping.
A freeze-in with tempertures way, way under 0.
The nursery being ready for a coat of paint.
Baby moving all over the place.
Those kinds of things.

January 7, 2014

The Bang Debate

Big Sis and I decided that this is the debate of the week.

Good or bad idea.

I think good. I'm ready for a hair change that doesn't involve cutting length.
My face shape will support them well.

Big Sis thinks I will get annoyed with them quickly.
She also pointed out the annoyance of laboring and being all sweaty with bangs in your face.

I'm torn.

January 6, 2014

Pregnancy:Genetic Testing

I didn't get genetic testing done.
It's a personal decision that every mom can decide during their pregnancy. I read about it before I decided. I also went off of the information my sisters all gave me.
I figured that since there are 4 of them, I can pretty much have as varied a response as anyone else. Plus, all of them have reasons for each decision they made.

It's a good way to weigh opinion.

Anyway, back to genetic testing.

After speaking to all 4 of my sisters who have been through childbirth, some of them more than once, I decided to go with my gut and decline the option.

My biggest reason being that nothing could change my mind about this pregnancy.
If I found out that something was atypical, I wouldn't ever choose to end the pregnancy.
We would be the perfect parents for that child and they would be the perfect patents. Made for each other, no matter the circumstances.

My second reason was a selfish one.
I didn't want the anxiety that came with the testing process. It can be uncomfortable. Waiting for the results could be more stressful than the results themselves.

Other reasons:
Risking a miscarriage or infection was just too much of a risk just to see if my baby had an extra chromosome.
I wouldn't love my baby any less.
I don't have any 'high risk' factors.

I do understand that the earlier you know about 'issues' the better you are to handle them.
I also understand that knowledge is power, the longer that you are given to prepare for anything, the easier it can be for you as a parent.

But it wasn't right for us.
So, we didn't get it done.

January 2, 2014

Why I Love Goodreads

I was introduced to Goodreads a while ago and thought it was corny. I made an account, clicked through the site and dismissed it. I didn't like the post to facebook aspect.
Three years later.
GoodReads is the freaking awesomest book website ever!
Not only is it our new site for our book club's tracking, I can track my entire reading history.
Books that I read in high school and really liked? On there.
Books that I never want to read again and want to tell others to avoid? On there and done!
Books that friends have read and loved? On there, and rated!

It's an great way to really expand your reading palate and find something new that you didn't know that you loved.

It's awesome.
This is not a clear post on how awesome it really is.
Go try it yourself.
You can always choose to not share your activity on facebook.

Feel free to check out my profile!

January 1, 2014


This year I will fulfill one of my ultimate dreams and become a mother. 
I'll find His words a comfort for the hard times.
I'll meet the most important person in my life, my baby boy.
I'll take the time to watch my son grow.
I'll thank the Lord for His blessings daily.
I'll love my husband to the brink of my being.
I'll take care of myself.
I'll think before I speak.
I'll make sure that my family knows how much they mean to me.
I'll take pictures.
I'll watch my wallet.
I'll be sure not to loose myself.
I'll love more than hate.
I'll get away.
I'll fall in love with Jake every chance I get.
I'll not lower my standards.
I'll cherish every moment.