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December 19, 2013

Week 23: I may not like Grapefruits...

23 weeks in the bag.

This week has been really interesting.
I’ve been wanting salad, A LOT.
I’m finding that I’m just not a strong craving kind of person. I won’t throw a fit or go out of my way just to get something that sounds yummy, like some horror stories. I’m not eating anything right out of the jar. I’m not crying because I can’t have the food that I want.
Although, maybe as I get bigger that might be a thing.
My only weird that has happened was a laugh/cry incident.
Jake and I were talking about grocery shopping because no one wanted to make anything for dinner. Jake started to get up to get some pizza rolls and the conversation went like this:
‘Mmm, I had a plate of pizza rolls when you were at work.’
‘You did? There weren’t many left? I hope you left some for me.’
‘Yeah, there are like 7 left.’
I started busting out laughing…
‘You only left me 7 pizza rolls? That’s not even enough for a whole meal.’
He was being silly mad. By then my laughing had reached the deep belly laugh stage.
Then he dumped the bag onto a plate and I just couldn’t handle it.
‘5! There are only 5!’
Tears, tears running down my face. I had to cover my face because I just couldn’t stop laughing about it.
‘What am I supposed to do with 5 pizza rolls?!’
He was mad now, but not able to take it seriously because I was laughing so hard.
‘Well I’m going to get more.’
Then he went upstairs to get this shoes and I tried to stop laughing, but I just kept tearing up. It was to the point that I didn’t know if I was laughing or just crying really loud.
Finally, after he started putting his jacket and I told him that I loved him, while wiping my tears, I started to settle down. He just chuckled and said ‘love you, too’ as he grabbed his keys.
It was really hilarious. I think it was the face that he made when I told him that I only thought there were 7 pizza rolls left.
Anyway, I’m just really proud of myself that I didn’t pee my pants with that incident… Cause that would have been the time it would have happened.
We have decided on a name that we like, but we are having a really hard time with middle names.
It’s harder than I ever thought it would be.
He’s still really low.
I only feel him kicking at belly button level when I’m laying down.
My fingers are starting to swell every once in a while, so I’m wearing them on my necklace.
I am doing it more as a precaution… I really don’t want to have a crying fit because my swelling is so bad that they need cut off.
Anyone else have issues like that when they were pregnant?
My feet are perfect, it’s just my fingers.
And drinking water doesn’t help all that much.
Anyway, that’s been my week 23.
Oh I have also found out that 3 other people I know are prego!
It’s so exciting!

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Kacie said...

I love those moments when something just hits you a certain way and you laugh hysterically. Those are some of my favorite times to look back on :)