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December 10, 2013

Week 22: Papayas and Little Man

How big is a papaya, exactly? I'm starting to not really 'get'the size comparisons. More common foods may help.
Hi today your baby is the size of a personal pizza, or bottle of water.
Is pineapple ever a size comparison? Cause I love me some pineapple.

Jake and I are debating 2 names.
I'm very excited to have things a little closer to nailed down on that decision. We're going to sit on the decision for a little bit to be sure we are making the right choice.
It doesn't help that our #1 and #2 favorite names are flip flopped on each other's lists.
It'll be a battle.
Not really.
(But maybe a little.)

Heart burn has arrived.
It's not constant, but it's definitely every day. Thank goodness it doesn't burn at this point.
Leg cramps are also a new thing.
Looks like I need to start propping my feet when I go to bed.

I was in the middle of watching Catching Fire when I decided that the rhythmic bumping that was going on had to be  hiccups. I had felt something similar, but I didn't even think of hiccups being the cause.
It's really funny.

I'm feeling really good. 
I'm having problems being hungry. It's more like I can snack all day, every day...  But I'm in no mood for a real meal.

Little man has taken to pushing against my skin in the front and my bladder.
It's joyous, let me tell you.

I've stopped weighing myself in between appointments.
It's just pointless and makes me worry too much about something that totally doesn't matter in the least. I feel really good, if a little on the 'big belly' side due to him sitting so low.

I fell over for the first time the other day.
I had dropped my mittens on the ground and squatted to pick them up and didn't realize how much more energy I needed to get back up. It was the end of the work day, at least. So, I teetered a little bit and just collapsed when I tried to push myself back up.
I laughed about it for a while.
I am just glad that I was by myself, because it was pretty embarrassing getting back up.

Asher and Zeke are doing pretty well. I try to make Asher lay by my belly as often as possible. I don't really know why now. Justifying that really just doesn't make sense.
He's a dog.
I don't think he'll 'get it' until a little later, or maybe never. His behavior isn't really changing all that much.

My fingers are swelling. Hardly, but it's happening.
I'm going to have to decide when I'll take my rings off soon.

Jake's classes are done, for now, and I'm thinking that finding a local lamaze class might be a good idea. They're hard to find, because the hospital we are delivering at doesn't offer a lamaze instructor. I think that's a bummer, but there are lots of options in the area.

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