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December 3, 2013

Week 21: Little Man is the size of a Pomogranite

21 weeks done.
That’s hard to believe.
It was a week of cleaning, cooking, decorations and family, which happens with holidays.
After a short work week, I cooked thanksgiving morning and cleaned before we went to SIL’s house to hang out with Noah, our new niece Eliana and almost everyone from that side of the family.
It was a really relaxed lunch.
Then Dinner with my family.
Not that either of us could eat anything.
We went home and had enough time to watch The Croods before going to bed.
Have I ever mentioned that Emma Stone is Jake’s celebrity crush?
He was thrilled to find out that she was the voice of the main character…. Especially after hearing Nicholas Cage voice the dad.
Black Friday was pretty low key.
We shopped for ourselves because we were not pleased with any of the big sales that were going on…
Except the Old Navy 50% sale.
I don’t really remember Sunday among the ornaments, Christmas lights and wreaths.
We decorated.
And napped.
And Jake studied for finals.
I’m feeling really good.
Combatting hunger driven nausea due to a ‘no snacking at your desk’ rule.
I had a bizarre dream the other night.
The short version is I was stuck in a room with Ellen DeGeneres when this heard of miscellaneous birds came flooding in. One of the dinner guests was a wanna-be hypnosis person and as I sat, freaked out on the table, they tried to make me one with the birds. I then left, only to find myself in a discount warehouse looking through prom dresses. I evidently needed one for some reason and they were all over $600 and not maternity friendly, So I went into a back room that locked behind me. It was a room full of shoes. As I walked toward the Sperry’s, I realized that it was all men’s shoes. I had been locked in a room with all men’s shoes that I couldn’t fit into.
It was terrible.
I have a feeling that they are just going to get worse.
My eyesight is getting a little worse.
It’s taking a lot for me to focus on little print and things like that.
I think this is baby related because I was at the eye doctor in June and had the same prescription as 3 years before.
The boppie body pillow that I have borrowed from SIL has been taken over by everyone else.
I find myself face to face with Jake in the middle of the night quite often.
Then this morning, Asher was curled up in the middle of it.

I’d give up if it weren’t so soft.
The nursery is getting cleaner.
It’s not emptied out quite yet… But it’s cleaner.
I’m starting to get a feel for the décor that I want for it.
I just hope that it translates well.
Sometimes my ideas end up completely off base from what I envision when I try to execute them.
We will see!
Little Man is rolling and pushing all the time.
He’s pretty active and I don’t mind one bit.
Well maybe I do when he tries to spearhead my stomach like he is trying to escape.
I’ll end up with a really big body part, one end or the other, pressing outward.
Talk about a weird feeling.
I just gently pat whichever end it is until he settles back down.
Jake thinks it’s mean.
I think it’s hilarious.
My fingers are starting to swell a little bit.
My rings still fit, but I really don’t like that full feeling that happens to your hands.
I’m trying to cut down on the salty foods to help.
Name talks have begun.
We haven’t gotten very far.
We are just having a hard time finding anything that really pops out at us.
We will get there eventually.

That's week 21. 

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