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December 9, 2013

Wee 21 Stats From the Doc.

I haven’t done this, but because my week update was so long I decided that it would work out for this week.
Plus there is a picture involved.
So I had my 2nd trimester ultrasound on Tuesday.
It went really well!
Little man is still a boy.
And still not shy in the least bit.
Fancy that.
I was exactly 21 weeks and he was measuring at 22 weeks.
Little Man is in the 88th percentile.
Yes, you read that right.
88th percentile.
My child is going to be a monster.
He is very low.
At the time of the ultrasound he was breech.
My Doc said that it was nothing to worry about right now because he is refusing to use his space to his advantage.
I say that because the little dude was in a pike position.
His legs were fully extended downward and his head was down by his knees.
My placenta is posterior, which is why I can feel his so easily.
All of his measurements were great, even if his head circumference was a little large.
He had all his fingers and toes.
We got to take a look at his eye lenses, nostrils and belly button.
His insides look really good.
His heart is strong and all 4 chambers are working perfectly.
Dr. went over all his bones so to give Jake a better idea what was going on.
I just stared as they both went, ‘tib, fib, pocket of placenta in his belly, intestines, heart chambers, look at that!’
I was just mesmerized by the cute little guy wiggling around on the screen.
I’m up 8 lbs. from my first weigh in at the Dr.
My fluids are good. My hormones and everything came back normal from my blood test.
We decided to not do any further testing on Little Man.
It’s just my preference.
While I’m sure knowing about things ahead of time is good for preparation, I’ll love him and my prenatal care will be the same no matter what.
So, we just opted to trust the Lord in giving us the little boy that is perfect for us.
That was my appointment.
Here is my picture!

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