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December 30, 2013

Welcome Riley S.

Riley Shae has sprinted into the world.
My brother and his wife made a suprise announcement when they went to the hospital a whole week before WJ's due date. Normally her kiddos hold on until the bitter end, plus a week or so.

Riley is the smallest baby in my family, so far.
A whopping 6 lbs 4oz.

Jake makes fun of me because I call her petite.

Well, she is!

Congrats to Big Bro and WJ for a beautiful baby girl!

2013 Best Dressed

Here is my Best Dressed list from 2013 red carpets!

Charleze Theron at the Academy Awards

Jessica Alba at the Golden Globes

Amanda Seyfried at the SAG awards

Carrie Underwood's Grammy dress 

Elizabeth Banks at LA's Catching Fire premere

Kate Hudson at the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Ball

Looks like I'm a fan of fancy dresses with trains.

December 26, 2013

Week 24: Merry Christmas to you and my Canteloupe

I pass 24 weeks on the 24th.

Anyone else think it's funny?

This week was a whirlwind of things. Christmas with Jake's Dad, wrapping presents, purchasing the last of the Christmas gifts, Cleaning the house, watching Downton Abbey season 1....

Ok, ok so that last one was the elective bit.

I'm feeling really good. 
I'm starting to have swelling issues a little more often. Now, I'll let you know that my fingers are very small. My wedding ring is a size 4.75... So my hands still look 'normal'. But I'm learning to deal with the weird feeling that my fingers and toes are not my own. I'm trying to really pump up my water intake and keep my feet elevated, along with trying to remain on my left side in bed. I don't know if it's helping at all, but I'm trying. 
I'm really glad that I took off my rings when I did. 
Better safe than sorry.

And dreams about needing to find a bathroom waking me up to go. That's been interesting, but helpful.
I'm actually feeling pretty well rested, despite waking up 1-2 times a night. I think sleeping from 9-11:30 pm, when Jake gets home from 2nd shift, helps.

The pets have started taking to Jake lately. 
Both of my little boys, Zeke and Asher, want to be with Jake to sleep. I'm a little salty about it, but I move so much now that I don't blame them. At least they like me all the rest of the time...
Most of the time.

No weight gain this week. I know it shouldn't matter, but I count that as a point in my favor.

Little Man has a name now... We are waiting until much later to reveal it to people outside of the family. It's a good one. Nice and strong. Something that will be able to grow with him and still seem appropriate whether he is a painter or a doctor.

I'm terrible about getting pictures, even at family events...
But there is bound to be one out there somewhere.
If nothing else I'll take one tonight or tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

December 19, 2013

Week 23: I may not like Grapefruits...

23 weeks in the bag.

This week has been really interesting.
I’ve been wanting salad, A LOT.
I’m finding that I’m just not a strong craving kind of person. I won’t throw a fit or go out of my way just to get something that sounds yummy, like some horror stories. I’m not eating anything right out of the jar. I’m not crying because I can’t have the food that I want.
Although, maybe as I get bigger that might be a thing.
My only weird that has happened was a laugh/cry incident.
Jake and I were talking about grocery shopping because no one wanted to make anything for dinner. Jake started to get up to get some pizza rolls and the conversation went like this:
‘Mmm, I had a plate of pizza rolls when you were at work.’
‘You did? There weren’t many left? I hope you left some for me.’
‘Yeah, there are like 7 left.’
I started busting out laughing…
‘You only left me 7 pizza rolls? That’s not even enough for a whole meal.’
He was being silly mad. By then my laughing had reached the deep belly laugh stage.
Then he dumped the bag onto a plate and I just couldn’t handle it.
‘5! There are only 5!’
Tears, tears running down my face. I had to cover my face because I just couldn’t stop laughing about it.
‘What am I supposed to do with 5 pizza rolls?!’
He was mad now, but not able to take it seriously because I was laughing so hard.
‘Well I’m going to get more.’
Then he went upstairs to get this shoes and I tried to stop laughing, but I just kept tearing up. It was to the point that I didn’t know if I was laughing or just crying really loud.
Finally, after he started putting his jacket and I told him that I loved him, while wiping my tears, I started to settle down. He just chuckled and said ‘love you, too’ as he grabbed his keys.
It was really hilarious. I think it was the face that he made when I told him that I only thought there were 7 pizza rolls left.
Anyway, I’m just really proud of myself that I didn’t pee my pants with that incident… Cause that would have been the time it would have happened.
We have decided on a name that we like, but we are having a really hard time with middle names.
It’s harder than I ever thought it would be.
He’s still really low.
I only feel him kicking at belly button level when I’m laying down.
My fingers are starting to swell every once in a while, so I’m wearing them on my necklace.
I am doing it more as a precaution… I really don’t want to have a crying fit because my swelling is so bad that they need cut off.
Anyone else have issues like that when they were pregnant?
My feet are perfect, it’s just my fingers.
And drinking water doesn’t help all that much.
Anyway, that’s been my week 23.
Oh I have also found out that 3 other people I know are prego!
It’s so exciting!

December 16, 2013

School Update

Another semester of Jake schooling is done.
Praise the Lord.

He is taking the second series of all his classes next semester, then he will be dome with all of his pre-requisites for med school. His plan is to take a MCAT prep test right off the bat, possibly during or even before next semester. Once he sees where he stands he will either take the real thing, with some personal prep, or sign up for a prep course. We are hoping that he will take the MCAT test before or during my maternity leave. Then applications will start going out.
We are aiming for the 2015 school year.
(Something about MCAT tests being applicable for the following year. I’m not sure I quite understand that timeline.)

To be completely honest, I’m fairly convinced that we will be at Jake’s #1 or #2 choice.
I’m trusting the Lord and praying constantly. That’s my version of convinced. Along with Jake being a Vet, Native American, and having worked in the medical field for 4 years might help a little bit.
I’m not ashamed to be proud of those things. Getting in is the important part. And if anyone has earned the right to benefits provided by circumstance, it’s Jake.  I sure do love that man.

In the meantime, other than the last semester of school, Jake will go back to being a full timer at work. I’m not complaining. Anything to help make the burden of med school loans a little lighter will be appreciated.

I’m terrified of Med school loans.
Loans in general are such a foreign idea to us. We were blessed in that respect. I only ended up needing a loan for my senior year in college, and that was paid off last year.
*happy dance*
That little loan is nothing in comparison of the monster that will accumulate over the next 8 years. I just pray that my children won’t inherit that loan.

The ‘sit and wait’ is getting close to being done. I’m excited for that. Although after this chapter is over, we will be starting another long chapter. I should probably stop looking so far ahead and just enjoy all of the good in my life.

Aaah. What a great glimpse of sanity.
Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Off I go to research school loans, pediatricians and day care providers.

December 12, 2013

Eliana C

SIL had her little girl!
{Pic via the lovely Kama at candidkama.com}

Little Eliana!

When I met her I started crying before I even had her in my arms.
We'll just pretend I'm not overly emotional right now.

Goodness, I get teary just thinking about it.

She's a beauty.
How could she not be? Her momma is gorgeous!

She was born on October 30th.
I know I'm bad at announcements.
She's super sweet and very noisey.... When she is awake.
Her grunts are pretty cute.

I love her.
I can't help it.

December 10, 2013

Week 22: Papayas and Little Man

How big is a papaya, exactly? I'm starting to not really 'get'the size comparisons. More common foods may help.
Hi today your baby is the size of a personal pizza, or bottle of water.
Is pineapple ever a size comparison? Cause I love me some pineapple.

Jake and I are debating 2 names.
I'm very excited to have things a little closer to nailed down on that decision. We're going to sit on the decision for a little bit to be sure we are making the right choice.
It doesn't help that our #1 and #2 favorite names are flip flopped on each other's lists.
It'll be a battle.
Not really.
(But maybe a little.)

Heart burn has arrived.
It's not constant, but it's definitely every day. Thank goodness it doesn't burn at this point.
Leg cramps are also a new thing.
Looks like I need to start propping my feet when I go to bed.

I was in the middle of watching Catching Fire when I decided that the rhythmic bumping that was going on had to be  hiccups. I had felt something similar, but I didn't even think of hiccups being the cause.
It's really funny.

I'm feeling really good. 
I'm having problems being hungry. It's more like I can snack all day, every day...  But I'm in no mood for a real meal.

Little man has taken to pushing against my skin in the front and my bladder.
It's joyous, let me tell you.

I've stopped weighing myself in between appointments.
It's just pointless and makes me worry too much about something that totally doesn't matter in the least. I feel really good, if a little on the 'big belly' side due to him sitting so low.

I fell over for the first time the other day.
I had dropped my mittens on the ground and squatted to pick them up and didn't realize how much more energy I needed to get back up. It was the end of the work day, at least. So, I teetered a little bit and just collapsed when I tried to push myself back up.
I laughed about it for a while.
I am just glad that I was by myself, because it was pretty embarrassing getting back up.

Asher and Zeke are doing pretty well. I try to make Asher lay by my belly as often as possible. I don't really know why now. Justifying that really just doesn't make sense.
He's a dog.
I don't think he'll 'get it' until a little later, or maybe never. His behavior isn't really changing all that much.

My fingers are swelling. Hardly, but it's happening.
I'm going to have to decide when I'll take my rings off soon.

Jake's classes are done, for now, and I'm thinking that finding a local lamaze class might be a good idea. They're hard to find, because the hospital we are delivering at doesn't offer a lamaze instructor. I think that's a bummer, but there are lots of options in the area.

December 9, 2013

Wee 21 Stats From the Doc.

I haven’t done this, but because my week update was so long I decided that it would work out for this week.
Plus there is a picture involved.
So I had my 2nd trimester ultrasound on Tuesday.
It went really well!
Little man is still a boy.
And still not shy in the least bit.
Fancy that.
I was exactly 21 weeks and he was measuring at 22 weeks.
Little Man is in the 88th percentile.
Yes, you read that right.
88th percentile.
My child is going to be a monster.
He is very low.
At the time of the ultrasound he was breech.
My Doc said that it was nothing to worry about right now because he is refusing to use his space to his advantage.
I say that because the little dude was in a pike position.
His legs were fully extended downward and his head was down by his knees.
My placenta is posterior, which is why I can feel his so easily.
All of his measurements were great, even if his head circumference was a little large.
He had all his fingers and toes.
We got to take a look at his eye lenses, nostrils and belly button.
His insides look really good.
His heart is strong and all 4 chambers are working perfectly.
Dr. went over all his bones so to give Jake a better idea what was going on.
I just stared as they both went, ‘tib, fib, pocket of placenta in his belly, intestines, heart chambers, look at that!’
I was just mesmerized by the cute little guy wiggling around on the screen.
I’m up 8 lbs. from my first weigh in at the Dr.
My fluids are good. My hormones and everything came back normal from my blood test.
We decided to not do any further testing on Little Man.
It’s just my preference.
While I’m sure knowing about things ahead of time is good for preparation, I’ll love him and my prenatal care will be the same no matter what.
So, we just opted to trust the Lord in giving us the little boy that is perfect for us.
That was my appointment.
Here is my picture!

December 4, 2013

What do I Want?

It’s so hard to talk about what I want, as a woman and future mother, for my life.
I almost feel hesitant to share my feelings because of all the backlash that comes from the judgmental mentality that women have.
It’s a harsh generalization, I know, but it’s fairly accurate.
Let me know if a certain stereotype comes to mind when you hear the term ‘Stay at home mom’ or ‘housewife’…
What about ‘working mom’ or ‘career minded woman’.
You can’t deny it.
You can find the argument and division everyplace you look.
There is pride to be found in each life choice.

If money were not an issue and it was only about what I wanted I would be staying home with Little Man once he is here.
I’d go back for the time that is necessary to ensure that my maternity benefits went through…
But I’d be at home after that.
I’m not so sure that it is even something that can be discussed.
A far cry from when I wasn’t pregnant and just talking about how things would be.
Now that I am bonding with the little guy I’m wanting to be sure that I never feel as if I have missed out.
It’s scary.
Thinking of someone else raising my child 9-10 hours a day.
Having someone else witness the first that I should have been there for.
Someone else kissing boo-boos.
We don’t have a plan yet.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t procrastinating.
I just keep hoping that Jake will offer the SAHM option to me.
It’s not likely to happen.
I think the best I’ll be able to do is possibly going below 100% in hours at work and coming in later or going home earlier.
It’s something.
And something is better than nothing.

December 3, 2013

Week 21: Little Man is the size of a Pomogranite

21 weeks done.
That’s hard to believe.
It was a week of cleaning, cooking, decorations and family, which happens with holidays.
After a short work week, I cooked thanksgiving morning and cleaned before we went to SIL’s house to hang out with Noah, our new niece Eliana and almost everyone from that side of the family.
It was a really relaxed lunch.
Then Dinner with my family.
Not that either of us could eat anything.
We went home and had enough time to watch The Croods before going to bed.
Have I ever mentioned that Emma Stone is Jake’s celebrity crush?
He was thrilled to find out that she was the voice of the main character…. Especially after hearing Nicholas Cage voice the dad.
Black Friday was pretty low key.
We shopped for ourselves because we were not pleased with any of the big sales that were going on…
Except the Old Navy 50% sale.
I don’t really remember Sunday among the ornaments, Christmas lights and wreaths.
We decorated.
And napped.
And Jake studied for finals.
I’m feeling really good.
Combatting hunger driven nausea due to a ‘no snacking at your desk’ rule.
I had a bizarre dream the other night.
The short version is I was stuck in a room with Ellen DeGeneres when this heard of miscellaneous birds came flooding in. One of the dinner guests was a wanna-be hypnosis person and as I sat, freaked out on the table, they tried to make me one with the birds. I then left, only to find myself in a discount warehouse looking through prom dresses. I evidently needed one for some reason and they were all over $600 and not maternity friendly, So I went into a back room that locked behind me. It was a room full of shoes. As I walked toward the Sperry’s, I realized that it was all men’s shoes. I had been locked in a room with all men’s shoes that I couldn’t fit into.
It was terrible.
I have a feeling that they are just going to get worse.
My eyesight is getting a little worse.
It’s taking a lot for me to focus on little print and things like that.
I think this is baby related because I was at the eye doctor in June and had the same prescription as 3 years before.
The boppie body pillow that I have borrowed from SIL has been taken over by everyone else.
I find myself face to face with Jake in the middle of the night quite often.
Then this morning, Asher was curled up in the middle of it.

I’d give up if it weren’t so soft.
The nursery is getting cleaner.
It’s not emptied out quite yet… But it’s cleaner.
I’m starting to get a feel for the d├ęcor that I want for it.
I just hope that it translates well.
Sometimes my ideas end up completely off base from what I envision when I try to execute them.
We will see!
Little Man is rolling and pushing all the time.
He’s pretty active and I don’t mind one bit.
Well maybe I do when he tries to spearhead my stomach like he is trying to escape.
I’ll end up with a really big body part, one end or the other, pressing outward.
Talk about a weird feeling.
I just gently pat whichever end it is until he settles back down.
Jake thinks it’s mean.
I think it’s hilarious.
My fingers are starting to swell a little bit.
My rings still fit, but I really don’t like that full feeling that happens to your hands.
I’m trying to cut down on the salty foods to help.
Name talks have begun.
We haven’t gotten very far.
We are just having a hard time finding anything that really pops out at us.
We will get there eventually.

That's week 21.