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November 26, 2013

Week 20: This Baby is Bananas!

This week marks my half way point.
20 weeks!

Asher has started acting a little funny. I
I’m beginning to wonder if it is because of the pregnancy.
He still steps on my stomach when I’m laying down, but only when it’s an accident.
He also wants to sleep with me at bed time.
Maybe our house is just too cold and I’m finally the furnace of the family.
I am currently borrowing a big boppie pillow from SIL to help me stay on my left side.
But with the hogging situation that has been going on, I’ve abandoned using it the way it’s intended.
Since it is still one of the comfiest pillows, I’ve moved it to the head of the bed.
I’ll pull it back down when I feel that I need it.
You’re not getting it back for a while yet, SIL.
Jake and I have finally started talking about names.
Nothing has really come of it.
I have a feeling that it will be a long, quiet, process.
I really just want to know what to call him.
Everything with the nursery is slow going.
Now that the show is over, I’m trying to get things sorted and into new homes.
It’s a little bit harder to get things done because I’m so messy with my closet.
I feel like I’m constantly in there working, when I’m really just putting my own clothes away.
Hopefully, next month, Jake and I will get some paint on the walls.
I’m really excited for the room’s décor.
I’ll share a sneak peak soon.
Little Man is still sitting really low.
When I’m sitting in my chair at work he is often kicking my right leg.
It’s pretty funny.
I’ve been having restless legs lately.
Sitting all day at my desk is a little harder than I thought it would be.
I’m constantly needing to get up and move around.

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