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November 25, 2013

Week 19: My Mango

19 weeks
Little Man is the size of a mango.
Now that he is getting bigger, his size comparisons are getting to be yummier….
Maybe I should switch to non-food items to compare him to.

He really active, mostly at work while I’m sitting the whole day.
I’m trying to get better about walking around when I can.
Sitting at a computer all day can be, not only boring, but a strain.

I’m mostly wanting to eat salty foods.
Bacon and hash browns.
tomato basil bisque and French fries.
Pretty much sodium in any shape or form.
Saturday, I wore knee boots and not only my sox left a mark, but my boot zipper as well.
Talk about a wakeup call.
I can’t be having swelling happening at 4 months!
So fruit and freshly made food it will be for me.
No more crazy salty foods.

I guess since I’ve been talking about food I’ll do a weigh in.
I’ve gained, total, a little less than 6 pounds.
It feels like more because of everything readjusting.
I think this child is turning me into a Kardashian child.
*Insert some semi-crude, but hilarious, rap reference here*
I am thankful that I still have curves.
For now.
Little man is sitting all in the front.
And boy-oh-BOY is he sitting high.
I guess not really, because he is kicking really low…
But it looks like he is pushing all my insides up into my ribcage.
I feel normal though, which is what matters.

Family is starting to rally.
I’ve had more baby clothes dropped off for me to go though than I ever imagined.
I love my family.

I also adore dapper, stylish,  little man clothes.
Chunky old man sweaters.
Plaid button ups.
Comb overs.
I can’t wait!

Jake and I will be starting the name debate soon.
It’s such a hard decision.
And a big one.
I’m sure that it will be a debate for a while.
I mean it took long enough giving Asher, our Italian Greyhound, his name.
This is our child.
He may hate his name for the rest of his life.
And that is SCARY!

I wouldn’t mind a little look into how long it took other parents to decide first names for kids.
I’m actually nervous about it, now that it’s time to start talking about it...

Week 19 took place during tech week. 
Here are pictures from the show!
{my girls!}

{Team Purple}

{Me and my best show girl! I'll think of a nickname for her. lol}

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Darby Hawley said...

I really love these posts!!! Sounds like you're moving right along and looking gorgeous while you do so :-)