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November 12, 2013

Week 18: My Bell Pepper

I’m 18 weeks today.

It’s completely insane.
Little Man is the size of a bell pepper.
I've been eating a lot, I mean a LOT of bell peppers lately.....
I’m feeling really good.
The old weather has me worried about having appropriate clothing.
I guess I’ll be getting more sweaters.
Awe darn!
I’m having some interesting experiences with my stamina and such.
Walking into work at a brisk pace is something that before I did without any issues.
Now, if I go too quickly, I’m huffing and puffing while I go and contemplate if the little achy feeling in my calves will turn into a full blown cramp.
I will admit that my ‘brisk pace’ is one level below jogging.
I’ve been getting more light headaches lately.
Nothing that I’m not able to deal with, but annoying enough.
Normally, Little Man is really active while I’m at work…
Or maybe I notice it more because I’m sitting still, at a desk…. All. Day.
I’m really excited because Jake finally felt Little Man move.
It was really late, and normally he wouldn’t be bumping and punching but I asked Jake to humor me.
And he kicked him.
It was really satisfying.
He’s still really low, so no one else will be able to feel him for a while.
But I’m glad that I get to share that feeling with Jake.
The nursery is in complete disarray.
I’m trying to get all of my non-maternity clothes in tubs and out of the way.
(I hate staring at clothes that I can’t wear.)
I haven’t been able to move anything out of the nursery quite yet.
Rehearsals, cleaning other rooms, laziness… Call it what you will.
It’s my goal for the next 2-3 weeks.
We bought our first big baby related item over veterans day weekend.
We went to the store just to look around, since it was Jake’s first trip to such a store.
We had a coupon and gift money to spend, so we bought our travel system!!!
I’m really excited about it!
It’s not the cookie cutter travel system, and more expensive than the general ones, so I didn’t want to leave it on my registry for someone else to feel like they had to purchase.
I couldn’t be happier with our choice!
It helps that it’s, essentially, scarlet and grey.
(I think that was the purchasing point for Jake. Hahaha!)
It’s getting closer and closer to our due date.
Once the holidays are over things will really fly by.
I’m just ready to meet this little one!

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Nikki said...

You are looking fantastic. I remember how lightheaded I would get. It was a little scary.