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November 5, 2013

Week 17: My Pomogranate!

I survived the stomach bug.
It was pretty awful.
I took Tuesday and Wednesday off... 
It was that bad.

Anyway the only truly good thing that came from being off was that I confirmed that I felt Little Man move.
He straight up kicked me. 
There was none of this 'bubbles feeling' or 'muscle twitching'...
No it was a straight kick to the uterus.
It's really exciting though, because now I feel him all the time.

Another exciting thing happened, but it gets a post all it's own. 
Check in on Monday.

Because of the bug, I was pretty much unconscious throughout this week.

Well, conscious enough to buy some things from zulily, but don't tell Jake.

Now that I have thrown up for the first time in this pregnancy, I can say that I am so sorry.
I wish that nausea and throwing up wasn't involved.
I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
The violence.
The rice out the nose.
The blue gaterade colored phlem.
My heaving sisters, I feel ya.
I'm so sorry.

The weekend was pretty exciting.
I had a wedding of an old friend.
Rehersal was fun.
Singing... That kind of thing.

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