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November 18, 2013

Tech Week Magic

It’s getting into tech week for the Magic To Do.

It’s been a really interesting process with rehearsals only being 3-4 nights a week.
I feel like I never get to see my cast mates.
It also leaves just enough time for me to completely forget any choreography that I’ve learned.
It’s pretty funny.

Speaking of tech week and choreography…
Paddle turns, three step turns and pivot turns are the devil…
Really any dance move that has ‘turn’ in it should be banned.
I like grape vines.
And box steps.

Anyway, Needless to say the choreography is a little turn happy.
I’ll get through only because I‘ve not had nausea issues up to this point.
After this show, who knows.
I’m also in prep mode for the group’s Messiah performance.
2 singing gigs.
I’m really excited because I really adore Handle’s Messiah.
The music is truly beautiful.
And challenging!
There is nothing like being trained in musical theatre and pop, with dabbling in classical in high school, and having to bust out some deeply classical phrasing for a solo.
I’m hoping that my director will let me stay after.
It’s been interesting.
I can definitely do it, but it will not sound like opera.
I’m hoping that they knew that before they asked me to do it, so they won’t be disappointed.
Needless to say, I’m tired.
Not tired like how I was for my first trimester… But it really is a challenge to have these relaxed rehearsals going on.
I wasn’t quite in show mode, which I think it was making me a tiny bit lazy.
Tech week?
Tech week is familiar.
Tech week is comfortable.
Stressful, but comfortable.

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