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November 26, 2013

Week 20: This Baby is Bananas!

This week marks my half way point.
20 weeks!

Asher has started acting a little funny. I
I’m beginning to wonder if it is because of the pregnancy.
He still steps on my stomach when I’m laying down, but only when it’s an accident.
He also wants to sleep with me at bed time.
Maybe our house is just too cold and I’m finally the furnace of the family.
I am currently borrowing a big boppie pillow from SIL to help me stay on my left side.
But with the hogging situation that has been going on, I’ve abandoned using it the way it’s intended.
Since it is still one of the comfiest pillows, I’ve moved it to the head of the bed.
I’ll pull it back down when I feel that I need it.
You’re not getting it back for a while yet, SIL.
Jake and I have finally started talking about names.
Nothing has really come of it.
I have a feeling that it will be a long, quiet, process.
I really just want to know what to call him.
Everything with the nursery is slow going.
Now that the show is over, I’m trying to get things sorted and into new homes.
It’s a little bit harder to get things done because I’m so messy with my closet.
I feel like I’m constantly in there working, when I’m really just putting my own clothes away.
Hopefully, next month, Jake and I will get some paint on the walls.
I’m really excited for the room’s d├ęcor.
I’ll share a sneak peak soon.
Little Man is still sitting really low.
When I’m sitting in my chair at work he is often kicking my right leg.
It’s pretty funny.
I’ve been having restless legs lately.
Sitting all day at my desk is a little harder than I thought it would be.
I’m constantly needing to get up and move around.

November 25, 2013

Week 19: My Mango

19 weeks
Little Man is the size of a mango.
Now that he is getting bigger, his size comparisons are getting to be yummier….
Maybe I should switch to non-food items to compare him to.

He really active, mostly at work while I’m sitting the whole day.
I’m trying to get better about walking around when I can.
Sitting at a computer all day can be, not only boring, but a strain.

I’m mostly wanting to eat salty foods.
Bacon and hash browns.
tomato basil bisque and French fries.
Pretty much sodium in any shape or form.
Saturday, I wore knee boots and not only my sox left a mark, but my boot zipper as well.
Talk about a wakeup call.
I can’t be having swelling happening at 4 months!
So fruit and freshly made food it will be for me.
No more crazy salty foods.

I guess since I’ve been talking about food I’ll do a weigh in.
I’ve gained, total, a little less than 6 pounds.
It feels like more because of everything readjusting.
I think this child is turning me into a Kardashian child.
*Insert some semi-crude, but hilarious, rap reference here*
I am thankful that I still have curves.
For now.
Little man is sitting all in the front.
And boy-oh-BOY is he sitting high.
I guess not really, because he is kicking really low…
But it looks like he is pushing all my insides up into my ribcage.
I feel normal though, which is what matters.

Family is starting to rally.
I’ve had more baby clothes dropped off for me to go though than I ever imagined.
I love my family.

I also adore dapper, stylish,  little man clothes.
Chunky old man sweaters.
Plaid button ups.
Comb overs.
I can’t wait!

Jake and I will be starting the name debate soon.
It’s such a hard decision.
And a big one.
I’m sure that it will be a debate for a while.
I mean it took long enough giving Asher, our Italian Greyhound, his name.
This is our child.
He may hate his name for the rest of his life.
And that is SCARY!

I wouldn’t mind a little look into how long it took other parents to decide first names for kids.
I’m actually nervous about it, now that it’s time to start talking about it...

Week 19 took place during tech week. 
Here are pictures from the show!
{my girls!}

{Team Purple}

{Me and my best show girl! I'll think of a nickname for her. lol}

November 18, 2013

Tech Week Magic

It’s getting into tech week for the Magic To Do.

It’s been a really interesting process with rehearsals only being 3-4 nights a week.
I feel like I never get to see my cast mates.
It also leaves just enough time for me to completely forget any choreography that I’ve learned.
It’s pretty funny.

Speaking of tech week and choreography…
Paddle turns, three step turns and pivot turns are the devil…
Really any dance move that has ‘turn’ in it should be banned.
I like grape vines.
And box steps.

Anyway, Needless to say the choreography is a little turn happy.
I’ll get through only because I‘ve not had nausea issues up to this point.
After this show, who knows.
I’m also in prep mode for the group’s Messiah performance.
2 singing gigs.
I’m really excited because I really adore Handle’s Messiah.
The music is truly beautiful.
And challenging!
There is nothing like being trained in musical theatre and pop, with dabbling in classical in high school, and having to bust out some deeply classical phrasing for a solo.
I’m hoping that my director will let me stay after.
It’s been interesting.
I can definitely do it, but it will not sound like opera.
I’m hoping that they knew that before they asked me to do it, so they won’t be disappointed.
Needless to say, I’m tired.
Not tired like how I was for my first trimester… But it really is a challenge to have these relaxed rehearsals going on.
I wasn’t quite in show mode, which I think it was making me a tiny bit lazy.
Tech week?
Tech week is familiar.
Tech week is comfortable.
Stressful, but comfortable.

November 14, 2013

Dear Blog,

Talk about something other than being pregnant, babies, and nurseries?

Someone please explain to me how that is possible.

I profusely apologize to anyone who I judged before this due to anything related to babies, nurseries, and Sophie teethers.


November 12, 2013

Week 18: My Bell Pepper

I’m 18 weeks today.

It’s completely insane.
Little Man is the size of a bell pepper.
I've been eating a lot, I mean a LOT of bell peppers lately.....
I’m feeling really good.
The old weather has me worried about having appropriate clothing.
I guess I’ll be getting more sweaters.
Awe darn!
I’m having some interesting experiences with my stamina and such.
Walking into work at a brisk pace is something that before I did without any issues.
Now, if I go too quickly, I’m huffing and puffing while I go and contemplate if the little achy feeling in my calves will turn into a full blown cramp.
I will admit that my ‘brisk pace’ is one level below jogging.
I’ve been getting more light headaches lately.
Nothing that I’m not able to deal with, but annoying enough.
Normally, Little Man is really active while I’m at work…
Or maybe I notice it more because I’m sitting still, at a desk…. All. Day.
I’m really excited because Jake finally felt Little Man move.
It was really late, and normally he wouldn’t be bumping and punching but I asked Jake to humor me.
And he kicked him.
It was really satisfying.
He’s still really low, so no one else will be able to feel him for a while.
But I’m glad that I get to share that feeling with Jake.
The nursery is in complete disarray.
I’m trying to get all of my non-maternity clothes in tubs and out of the way.
(I hate staring at clothes that I can’t wear.)
I haven’t been able to move anything out of the nursery quite yet.
Rehearsals, cleaning other rooms, laziness… Call it what you will.
It’s my goal for the next 2-3 weeks.
We bought our first big baby related item over veterans day weekend.
We went to the store just to look around, since it was Jake’s first trip to such a store.
We had a coupon and gift money to spend, so we bought our travel system!!!
I’m really excited about it!
It’s not the cookie cutter travel system, and more expensive than the general ones, so I didn’t want to leave it on my registry for someone else to feel like they had to purchase.
I couldn’t be happier with our choice!
It helps that it’s, essentially, scarlet and grey.
(I think that was the purchasing point for Jake. Hahaha!)
It’s getting closer and closer to our due date.
Once the holidays are over things will really fly by.
I’m just ready to meet this little one!

November 5, 2013

Week 17: My Pomogranate!

I survived the stomach bug.
It was pretty awful.
I took Tuesday and Wednesday off... 
It was that bad.

Anyway the only truly good thing that came from being off was that I confirmed that I felt Little Man move.
He straight up kicked me. 
There was none of this 'bubbles feeling' or 'muscle twitching'...
No it was a straight kick to the uterus.
It's really exciting though, because now I feel him all the time.

Another exciting thing happened, but it gets a post all it's own. 
Check in on Monday.

Because of the bug, I was pretty much unconscious throughout this week.

Well, conscious enough to buy some things from zulily, but don't tell Jake.

Now that I have thrown up for the first time in this pregnancy, I can say that I am so sorry.
I wish that nausea and throwing up wasn't involved.
I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
The violence.
The rice out the nose.
The blue gaterade colored phlem.
My heaving sisters, I feel ya.
I'm so sorry.

The weekend was pretty exciting.
I had a wedding of an old friend.
Rehersal was fun.
Singing... That kind of thing.