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October 8, 2013

Week 9: My Cherry

Baby is the size of a cherry.
That's a little crazy.

This week we had out first apt.
I had minor, minor spotting right before we left the house. It was the first time it happened the whole pregnancy. I was a little freaked out, even though I knew others who had be though much worse, much earlier.

Jake was quick to get the prayer chain going, just in case.
I love that man.

We got there and everything checked out as perfect.
I measured exactly at 9 weeks.
My due date is exactly April 15th.
The little love's heartbeat was 167 and super strong.
It even stuck out its little leg and gave a wiggle for us.

I wish that every apt as an ultrasound.
Jake was a little hesitant, but cutely so. He went into medical mode and had to kinda snap himself out of it and just enjoy looking at our little peanut.
It was really cute.

Due to me not knowing my blood type I had to give a few extra vials of blood and it completely wore me out. After the apt we went to eat and I had Jake take me home.
I literally slept from 2-9:30...
It's getting to be a thing with me.
I think I'm trying to store all the sleep up so that I have some in reserve when our little bugger gets here.
Geese, don't you wish that we're true.

Anyway, It as a really awesome experience.

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Nikki said...

Um WHAT! I haven't been on my blog obviously in forever and this is the first post I see. Congrats Lady! I am so happy for you guys. What exciting news!

I slept a TON during my pregnancy. I couldn't believe how much I was sleeping. Too bad it doesn't store up.