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October 2, 2013

Week 5: My Sesame Seed

 August 13th, 2013

I'm currently 5 Weeks along and my baby is the size of a sesame seed!!!

Our due date is April 15th!

Best Moment of the Week: 
Telling our family that we were expecting.

What I Miss: 
That little secret just between Jake and I. I found it romantic, keeping a our pregnancy a secret. It was something that only the two of us knew about and talked about. We whispered to each other and spoke about our fears. We were able to talk about our future, even if we were nervous to really bring the subject up after I tested positive. The excitement was just between us.
It was sweet.

What I am Looking Forward to: 
Our first appointment so that I can tell my friends and co-workers.

Sore breasts.
My leg goes numb every once in a while... I'll blame it on pregnancy.

When we told my side of the family, my dad started asking about crib plans.
I'm excited for my dad to hand make a crib for our little one.

Jake and I are so excited for our little one! But the idea of the future makes us as nervous as any newly expecting parents.
{Asher is excited, too!}

I'm resisting any and every urge to jump straight into every aspect of being pregnant.
Bring on the cravings. 
Bring on the pregnancy books and journals.
Gimme that registry scanner.

I''m also finding myself being very critical of my body, all of a sudden.
I stand in the mirror and try to discern what is my body and what is the pregnancy. I'm guessing it's me, subconsciously looking for any sign of the life that is growing inside of me.
But as someone who never really thought about those kind of things or really analyzed herself in that way, it's been something that I've become aware of.
I do plan on starting some kind of pregnancy fitness something.
Maybe yoga will be good. 
Or maybe just going on nightly walks.
I want to find something that sticks... I guess we'll see.

We began telling family members this weekend, mainly due to SFIL starting his radiation therapy for his thyroid. We didn't want my absence from anything to get them suspicious... We also wanted to give some good news in a time when you might only focus on the worries and stress that comes with that kind of treatment. 
We knew that it was fairly early, but even if something went wrong the prayers and support from the family that knew would be what would be necessary to help us get through.
It was our 'right time.'

Friday night, Jake and I tried to get my parents to got o a movie so that we could tell them. It didn't work out because of my mom getting mandated. I am little sad that I didn't get the chance to share in that special moment alone with my mom and dad... But it all worked out in the end.

Saturday afternoon, Jake and I went over to MIL and SFIL's place to get ready for the Potentate's Ball. We were talking about the upcoming evening and I told them that I wouldn't be drinking that night.
They both paused and MIL excitedly asked, 'You aren't?!!!' Then followed quickly by 'You are?!!!!!!!!!!' Then rushed in to hug us both.
It was really nice.
Sunday afternoon, we went to brunch with my parents, Big Sis, B-Rad and Paisley, per usual.
Once we all ordered our breakfasts, this followed.
Me: 'Paisley, how old are you?'
Paisley: "I'm two!" holding up four fingers. "I'm four!"
Big Sis: "You're two."
Paisley: "I'm two."
Me: "Paisley, when is your birthday?"
Paisley: looking at me funny, "I don't know."
B-Rad: counting, trying to think of a way to help with out giving the answer, "It's in 8 months..."
Big Sis: "April 15th..."
Paisley: "April 15th."
Me: "And what happens in 8 month.... Oh, well 9 months..... Dang it!" looking at Jake, "I'm blowing this."
Jake: "Yeah you are."
"OMG! Are you pregnant?"
"You're pregnant?!"
"You're pregnant!!!!!"

Then we all hugged and talked about it.
I think a few of the people in the restaurant were annoyed by us, but who cares?!
Sunday evening, we went over to MIL's place for our Sunday family dinner, per usual.
Everyone was there but WK and Twin, who had just pulled up and were getting Gabe out of the car.
The second they walked in, people started getting all excited.
Gabe was wearing a 'I'm going to be a big brother' shirt.
Yep, you read that right!
We were all standing there and people were asking her if she really was pregnant.
When she had the chance to answer, "Yes", I chimed in with my response.
Me: "OMG, WK you're really pregnant?!"
WK: "Yep!"
Me: "Me, too!!"
WK: After the slightest pause, "You are?!"
The second round of congratulations and hugs started.
It was actually pretty funny.
She had just had her first appointment and was 8 weeks along.
She is due later in March.

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Rachel said...

Congratulations!!! You guys and all your family must be so excited!!