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October 29, 2013

Week 16: My Avacado

Aaand sucking in/flexing my abs to make the bump disappear for fun is now redundant.
I’m pregnant.
My stomach is getting bigger.

I bought my first piece of clothing for the Bum-bum.
It’s a little sleeper with dinosaurs on the feet.

I also had my first experience being completely frustrated with stores.
What in the world is up with racks and racks of girl clothes and only having one rack within the mess of pink and purple, being for boys.
Then, the stuff isn't even that cute!
It’s completely ridiculous.

Pregnancy is bringing on a whole slew of new feelings.
Like, what’s up with needing to burp so badly that it hurts?
When was that something that happened?
I thought I was imploding.
Praise the Good Lord for peppermint drops and tums, because I thought I was dying.

I bought the first item for the nursery.
I never thought that curtains could be so exciting.
We may not have a curtain rod yet, but that doesn’t make any difference.

I think I felt the little man move.
I may have been mistaken.
It was only once while I was at work and I couldn't feel it again.

I'm currently home with a stomach bug.
It really hit me hard last night. 
Not fun.
The opposite.
So excuse the short, and abrupt, post.

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