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October 22, 2013

Week 15: My Apple!

Today Little Mr. is 15 weeks along.
You saw that we found out the gender on Sunday night.
Boys, boys, boys!!!
(singular, not plural.)
My life is now all boys.
I’m severely outnumbered in the house.
I’m pretty excited about it though.
Robots, Legos, dinosaurs, trains….
Bring it on!
I’ve been feeling pretty great this past week.
I’m having a hard time finding anything appealing when it comes to food.
I’m hoping that will change soon, because I end up hungry fairly often.
Maybe going back to fruit would work.
Or morning smoothies.
Getting the basement in order so we can move things from the nursery is taking a lot longer than I first expected.
We are trying to set things up so it’s a functional space.
I guess we will see how well it works out.
I can’t believe I’m this far, already.
It has crawled by.
But it snuck up on me.
I’m going to be busy this month and next with a new show that I’m in.
More on that later.
I’m now officially in all maternity pants, with the exception of a pair of work pants that have really proved their worth.
I’m still trying to work out what my maternity style is.
It’s hard being in that weird stage where your old pants are too small, but you don’t really fit in maternity pants all that well.

We don't have a name yet.
We have a few choices, but Jake is trying to be conservative and doesn't want to make a hasty decision.
I understand, but at the same time it's killing me.
But, as many people have said... Look at our history of name choosing.
It took quite a while to choose a name for Maverick and Asher.
Why should this be any different?

Our next appointment is November 5th.
I don't think it's going to be an ultrasound, but that's ok. 
I guess I'll just have to wait until December.

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