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October 14, 2013

Week 13: My Peach

Week 13
We had a OB appointment this week!
It was just to hear the heartbeat and answer any questions.
The heartbeat was in the 160’s.
After that Jake and I went to Bob Evans.
We scheduled our gender reveal appointment and 3D ultrasound for the 20th!
I’ve been having dreams about what gender the baby is.
The first 2 dreams were that it was a boy.
Then the last 3 have been that it’s a girl.
I don’t have any real feeling about it yet.
Neither does Jake.
Big Sis keeps calling it a ‘she’ whenever we talk about it.
It messes me up.
Anyway, Jake went on a boys weekend for golfing and fun times.
I had book club, so it worked out.
I’m starting to get all my energy back… But my laziness gets in the way of anything getting done.
Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I only have one basket of laundry left to do.
But putting everything away is another matter entirely.

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