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October 11, 2013

Week 12: My Lime

12 weeks?! Already?
This is insane!

(bad picture, but I would have forgotten otherwise!)

It was the first time that I felt my energy returning. I wasn’t passing out right after work anymore.
I’m still trying to go to bed earlier to make up for my 4:30 pee sessions.
And now I’m eating something for real in the morning. 
Asher and I eat breakfast together.
He demands food at 5:45 (yay schedules) and that’s when I eat my cereal too.
Then he goes back to bed and I shower and get ready for work.
It works out perfectly.
I’m going back to curly hair.
I took a break and went with straight hair for a while because I was so tired.
Running a comb through my hair was so much easier than flipping my head upside down to put product in it.
Now I’m feeling good and I’m getting back into my mess of hair.
I may even get gutsy and get the stuff for big buns.
Watch out…
I went to maternity motherhood, just to look, and was completely turned off by the prices.
I want more than just ON can offer clothing wise, but man!
I may just try getting bigger sizes in things that I like and not get maternity.
Just so long as the shirts are longer, right?
Jake might kill me if I keep my clothing spending habits and switch to maternity.
Too bad there isn’t a maternity warehouse store, like there is for Express and things like that.
Jake is finally starting to warm up to baby gear and furniture talk.
He was focusing so much on school and has finally had time to process everything.
Plus the ultrasound helped.
We’re starting to talk about how to get everything in the nursery situated, what furniture we will need, and how we will manage.
A lot hinges on Jake’s MCAT and application process, which is hard.
MCAT testing dates goes up in the next few weeks.
We are hoping that he will prep and take the test in March.
Applications generally start in June.
Talk about a waiting game… Every life changing thing will happen this spring!
It’s getting exciting though.

Since I feel good enough, laundry needs, NEEDS, to get done.
And I need some salt and vinegar chips.


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Try target-- and any thrift shops! So many clothes not worn very often! Yay 12 weeks!

Kacie said...

One of my favorite bloggers just posted about maternity clothes, and I know you're getting tons of advice right now so take this or leave it but here's her opinion on it: http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/2013/10/what-are-your-favorite-maternity-stores.html