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October 17, 2013

Keep, Donate, Trash

I have started to think that getting pregnant ruined my wardrobe.
Well, if I were trying to win a hoarding competition, it ruined my chances.
Before getting pregnant I was on a mission to update and purge my closet.
I was buying ‘grown up’ clothes and loving it.
I have also found out that I was trying to preserve quite a bit of my clothing stash.
Once I realized that my pre-pregnancy jeans were not cutting it with the ‘hair tie trick’, I started packing things up.
As I pulled things out of my closet I tried to figure out if it was even worth it to keep some things.
Shirts and dresses started being thrown into a pile.
(Not jeans, I have true issue when it comes to jeans.)
After my closet was done and everything put into a bin for storage, I went into the bedroom and took a look at Jake's closet.
I’m mean like that.
It was time well spent.
Jake had some pants he hadn't worn since a year before deployment.
I won’t even talk about some of the shirts that I found.
I’m feeling pretty good about all of it.
All 4 trash bags of clothes went to Goodwill.
Now I have room to hang up the maternity wardrobe that keeps expanding due to WJ giving me things she doesn't fit in anymore.
Being a little more than a month out from your due date will do that, I guess.
I’m not complaining about free maternity clothes!

1 comment:

Kacie said...

Ugh, Trent has so many shirts that just need to be gone. I think I'm one step away from doing what you did.

And hand-me-downs are ALWAYS useful!