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October 21, 2013

Gender Reveal!!!

Jake and I went to our local 3D ultrasound clinic to find out the gender of out little love.
It was a really exciting experience.
The atmosphere was really relaxing, with nice calming music playing.

The gel the tech used wasn't cold like I expected, and it confused me so much that she just started laughing.
Right away she found our baby.

It's a BOY!!!

The tech was able to tell us right away with this little dude's 'twig and berries', as Jake called them.
Jake was so excited when she confirmed it.
He was started squeezing my hand and I just busted out laughing.

He was a little scary looking, a la Predator.
Fitting for a October ultrasound.
He sat with his legs tucked under his bottom for our video, but once that was done he stretched out and crossed his ankles.
And stomped his feet.
And sucked on his hand.
And stretched.

It was amazing, and probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.
He was so active.
It makes me a little nervous.
I may have a handful on the way.

But, I'm completely over the moon.
I'm relieved that I finally know.
Knowing another little bit about what's been growing inside of me.
Knowing just a little more about the little baby that we have completely fallen in love with.
It's a little boy...
Our little boy!

We stopped by the family members houses that we could to tell them the exciting news.
It was exciting to have everyone as excited as we were.
Hearing all our little nieces and nephews predictions and the prompted 'yay'.
It was a lot of fun!


Krista Morelli said...

I am literally crying at my desk right now!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Baby boys are the best :)