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August 1, 2013

My Shorts

Do you remember when I did a teaser about a pair of shorts that I made all on my lonesome.

I didn't get good pictures of the process, but I chopped up a pair of my jeans.

The jeans that I chose to cut were not worn very often, because my massive calves didn't allow them to go past my knees.
Yes, I bought them, then they shrank and not my calve, or any other part, fit.
Let's add another body part to be aware of.

Anyway. I marked right above my knee with a pen and got out the scissors.
My measuring process was pretty basic. I cut one leg, folded the pants and measured the other leg off the first.
I'm boss, I know.

From there, I kept putting them on to see where they hit, then taking them off to cut.
It was very scientific.

Then I did a small roll hem.
Once that was done I folded to the actual hem line.

Bermuda shorts.

It was soooo easy.
And no, my seams aren't straight.
Yes, I overlapped and kinda did something funny in the middle of the leg.
But I have shorts I actually like.

The very next day I went to Old Navy on a whim, and none of their shorts are under 3 inches.
I bought 3 pairs.
Dang you, Old Navy!

But, my first pair of the season were free.99!

Here is a picture of Asher, admiring my awesomeness.
Or maybe, begging for a treat.

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