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August 5, 2013

Musicals - Why I love them

I've been a musical fan ever since I can remember. I owe that to my parents. They were pretty good at rounding out my family's TV exposure. Cartoons were OK but we were put in front of musicals just as often as Cartoon Network and Disney movies.
Thanks to my mom, I became obsessed with the classic MGM musicals.
And Gene Kelly.


To this day, I'll choose to re-watch the 'Golden Age' musical rather than anything that comes out.
Well almost.
I'm a sucker for comic book action movies.
It's weird, even to me.

Still, there is almost nothing better than Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby 

The casual viewing from my childhood changed once I reached middle school. Suddenly, as a 'band and choir geek', I was surrounded by kids who loved all the same things I did.

In high school, being in musicals became the norm, and my musical exposure was widened. I learned about the shows that were not as popular as the Tony winners.
Thank you for that, High School Theatre.

From there, and with my summer show family, I have become entrenched in the theatre and entertainment world.

Musicals are such a firm foundation in my life that my usual moments of breaking out into song has been nicknamed by my family.
Take no offense, but some people in my family call it 'BTS', or 'Broadway Turrets'.
(I know it's not PC, or really even that funny. But someone said it as a joke once and it stuck.)

And no, you didn't read that incorrectly.
I do break out into song.
Real, or made up.
Mostly songs from musicals.
Don't ever doubt that there is a musical song for every occasion.....
There is, trust me.

And for those of you who have met me in real life, I am constantly singing musical songs in my head.
I'm talking all. the. time.

Go watch Singing in the rain, Guys and Dolls, Kiss me Kate or Anchors Away.
And if those don't help you see my love... Rent, Phantom of the Opera or The 10th Anniversary concert of Les Miserables may do it for you.
You'll thank my later.
I hope.


Emmy Hornburg said...

I feel like you jumped into my brain and said everything about how I feel about musicals too! Ilove them so much, and they are so wonderful. And I'll take Gene Kelly any day!

Nikki said...

I LOVE musicals. I had season tickets to the broadway series here for a lot of years. I get totally wrapped up in the world created on the stage. One of my favorites that came through was Spring Awakening. I actually bought the soundtrack to that one. Awesome!

Kacie said...

Breaking into song randomly has always been the norm for me and everyone was used to it, so it was a huge shock when I found people that thought it was strange. Didn't everyone sing a line from a song when something reminded them of it??