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August 12, 2013

I HATE Poison Ivy

Never, EVER look at poison ivy pictures online.

On July 25thI went on a hike with Big Sis, B-Rad and Paisley.
We were excited because Jake doesn't get very many free evenings.
It was fun.
At the time.

On Sunday, I started noticing little lines of bumps.
I thought it was a spider in our bed or couch.
(both places I frequent. No shame.)

It wasn't.
It was poison ivy, all over my forearms.
Did I mention that a big spot was in my elbow pit?
I stripped my bed and tossed everything in the wash.
I almost set fire to my hiking clothes.

By Monday, I was an itchy mess and even though I'm not a baby, I tried to make myself cry so that Jake would go get calamine lotion at 11 pm.
It didn't work.
I'm terrible at crying on command.
I just start laughing.

Thank goodness for Epsom salt baths
That stuff is like crack!
I poo pooed Jake's online research that said I needed to take a room temperature bath and steamed myself itch free.

While I was in there, I decided that since Epsom salt was good for everything, that I was going to give myself a Epsom salt facial.
It was awesome.
That the only positive of this story.

I'm in the healing stage, which is just a little better.
But only if little tiny spots stop popping up.
Excuse me while I go quietly itch in the corner.

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