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July 23, 2013

Tech Week for Les Miserables

Tech week was the single most exciting and frustrating time of Les Miserables.
I wouldn't trade it for a dang thing!
{Singing with the orchestra when not on stage.}
There were times during the week that I wanted to take a cue from my 2 year old nieces and nephews and plop down limp and scream at the top of my lungs.
I held back, don't worry.
Other times I felt so much at home that going home sometimes seemed like a hassle.
(Those rehearsals happened to be the ones that Jake was working nights.)

I think tech week was pretty much the same for everyone. It was going on the 6th week of being together with the same people.
Some were driving others nuts.
Some were forming great bonds.
Everyone was stressed.
Everyone was tired.

I was obsessively going over my music and trying to complete my character development.
This isn't to say that I hadn't been doing this all along.
You see, I have noticed that I have this point in my process where I hit a road block.
I see it as the same brick wall that runners hit.
I start forgetting my lines or words to my songs.
My brain turns off at odd and inconvenient times.
The only way to push through is to buckle down and 'study'.

Tech week I messed up the words to On My Own.
Evidently, I also decided that Maruis needed a new solo in Little Fall of Rain.
I just, straight up, didn't sing.
It was mortifying.
Remember my feeling that all of the young women that auditioned for Eponine wanted to me choke and fall off the stage? While I know now that this isn't true, and most of the girls are super sweet.... I still felt that I had to prove myself.
Forgetting words and mixing things up really didn't help me feel secure or worthy of having the part...

Let me just say that my script turned into my backstage blankie.
I checked it before every entrance.

Getting costumes was pretty fun.

Nothing is better for character development than getting to try on clothes!
There is something about claiming something for your character. How something is worn is completely organic and uniquely of your character. It's pretty empowering!

As things got closer and sound checks, lighting cues and makeup started happening I came to realize how important the experience of being in this show was.

I was fulfilling a dream with people that I've knows since I was little.
People that understood and felt the same passion that I did.
It was truly amazing.


Krista Morelli said...

That was a great post Erin!
You were by far one of the best Eponine's I have ever heard. I had people come up to me after asking if you already did the part on broadway.
BTW...who ever took those stage pictures (wink wink) kicks @$$

Danielle Villano said...

Oh, it looks like it's been a really challenging but exciting week! And yes, getting into costume definitely helps you step into the character :)


Darby Hawley said...

This is so awesome! I'm so glad that you had such an fabulous experience!

Kacie said...

You proved yourself time and time again. But, of course, we're our own toughest critic. You did beautifully!

And the costuming is sometimes the complete key. That's why we were obsessed with our corsets.