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July 24, 2013

Les Miserables Final Dress Rehearsal Pictures

Act 1

{Opening, Look Down.}
{Val Jean being given the candlesticks by the Bishop.}
{Fantine's letter being read by the Factory Girl, At the End of the Day.}
{Fantine after being fired from her job, I Dreamed A Dream}
{Fantine as a prostitute, The Docks aka Lovely Ladies}
{Fantine after selling her hair}
{Little Cossette, Castle on a Cloud}
{Val Jean picking up Little Cossette, The Bargain}
{Master of the House}
{The Beggars}
{Cossette and Marius meeting for the first time.}
{A sweet moment between Cosette and Marius.}
{Eponine remembering Cosette}
{Marius proclaiming his love for Cosette, The Cafe}
{Marius seeing Cossette in the window, Heart Full of Love}
{Heart Full of Love}
{One Day More}

Act 2

{On My Own}
{Little People}
{After Little Fall of Rain}
{I just love this picture}
{First attack on the barricade.}
{Bring Him Home}
{Second Attack}
{Final shot of the barricade. Amazing!}
{Turning, Turning}
{Thenardier stealing things, The Sewers}
{Javert's Suicide}
{The Wedding Chorale}
{Beggars at the Feast}
{Val Jean with the spirits of Fantine and Eponine, Epilogue}
{Finale: Do You Hear the People Sing}


Alex[andra] said...

I feel like I got a front row seat to this through your pictures! I was singing a lot of these in my head while looking at the pictures too.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by...

Darby Hawley said...

These are awesome pictures! I'm so sad that I wasn't there to hear you sing and see the performance!!!

Just a little note, in 8th grade I sang a solo from Do You Hear The People Sing :-)