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July 29, 2013

Funny Things Happen After Shows...

So, a lot of people came up to me after the show to congratulate and talk. 
A lot of funny things get said in those moments.

Old Lady: Darling, you were marvelous. What is it that you do?
Me: Thank you so much! I work at OSU.
Old Lady: Well, what are you going to do after this?
Me: Oh, I don't know. Love on my husband and maybe have some babies.
Old Lady: (Giving me 'the look') Come on now. Career first, dear!

Enter my mom, who had been eaves dropping, like any proud mother.

Mom: I'm her mom, and I'm perfectly fine with babies!

Then they started to chuckle.
Then my mom got congratulated on my performance.

It was pretty funny!

I signed 1 autograph and took 3-4 pictures with some kids.
It was really weird.
I think I wrote 'I hope you liked the show!' like a big idiot.


My mom was telling, literally, every person she passed that Eponine was her baby.
Even in the bathroom.
To my fellow cast mates...

It was a really great show!
We performed in an auditorium that could hold 900.
Our 'normal' attendance for our summer show is 380-500 per night.
Friday night we sold 884 tickets.
Saturday we sold 835 tickets.
Sunday we sold around 680 tickets.
It was an amazing rush, seeing nearly every seat filled.

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